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over 9 years ago

Please notify me when you have restocked the designer bag. thanks

over 9 years ago

Here it is with a Kacha-Kacha counter for size. It is a little bigger than my Pretty Cheep bags, which is perfect for heftier projects, and the feel of the bag is pretty comparable. Also, the print quality is really, really nice; it is a little weathered, almost vintage-looking, as opposed to a dark solid print. Looks perfect on the organic cotton! Love it! Thanks, Ravelry ;)


over 9 years ago


I got my bag today as well and I just love it. It’s more ecru colored than the pictures (including mine) seem to show. I love the print quality and it’s bigger than I thought it would be. I can see myself toting around a shawl WIP and all my doohickeys with no problem. I think I might eventually replace the drawstring with something handknit, but just for fun and not out of need to replace the drawstring that it comes with. I am very happy with my purchase!

over 9 years ago

Can’t wait until it’s back in stock!! Cheers to the designer…great job :)

over 9 years ago

I just got mine and love it. In the mini-mart photo the bag looks white but IRL it’s actually the natural cream color. Very excited to show it off :D

over 9 years ago

What a great design. So looking forward to when they are in stock!

over 9 years ago

I love eco bags, been using their bags for years, and this bag is no exception! A strong, durable drawstring bag with a lovely design! I was surprised to see the larger size, this will hold a medium project and will work perfectly for tossing into my tote bags :)

over 9 years ago

Any plans to offer this print on a tote bag? I want to show it off more than just as a drawstring in my tote!!

over 9 years ago

Received mine today. Love!

over 9 years ago

How large is the bag? Large enough to make into a tote?

over 9 years ago

Should consider putting it on a t-shirt since it’s so difficult to get that many bags…just a thought…

over 9 years ago

I love mine too !! very nice. Also I second for the design on a TOTE BAG and/or a T-SHIRT too !! That would be great !! :) Congrats to the designer ! very pretty ! :))

over 9 years ago

I am so excited about this bag design - my husband wants to purchase it for me!!!!!!

I understand the idea of going with Eco bags but I wish the bags were more like grocery bags with a flat bottom and wider straps. I would be happy to pay extra for this with a portion of it going directly to the Ravelry staff.

over 9 years ago

These are great project bags. They are the same size, material, and background color as the old pink swirl Ravelry project bags, so 11.5” x 14” with a simple drawstring top. (These are a couple of inches bigger than the old Ravelry sock knitting project bags in blue, green, or purple.) The fabric is just slightly stiff when they arrive, but soften up so nicely after a bit of use (being tossed in and out of my knitting bag, etc.) The color is just slightly off-white with the winning design printed on one side. The bags are lightweight, but sturdy. I can store a WIP with 1-2 average sized balls of yarn, a row counter, some knitting notions, etc. all in 1 bag. This won’t be big enough for a huge project (large sweater, something big & bulky, big blanket, etc.), but works for most other projects (small baby blanket, hat, mittens, cowl, lace shawl, etc.)

over 9 years ago

Waiting for the next round of project bags, but would definately purchase a tote and t-shirt if they became available!

over 9 years ago

Definitely would purchase a tote version, but as it is am waiting impatiently for a re-stock! Incidentally, am I remembering wrong about there being a check-box to be notified when they come in stock in the first place? I never got a notification :(

over 9 years ago

Sometimes the notifications get caught in spam/bulk filters, so you may want to check that it didn’t get caught there. Make sure you click again to be notified when the next batch arrives.

over 9 years ago

With over 2,000,000 on Ravelry it doesn’t take long to sell out. I am not happy that they are so scarce. It appears only those on here 24/7 have a slim chance….

over 9 years ago

So after waiting and waiting I recieved my notification at 2:38am today….definitely sleeping then. Now, no bags again. So sad!! I completely understand wanting to work eco-friendly I just wish there was more of an opportunity to purchase. I’m very glad that the bag is selling so well for rav, and props to the winner again for such a great design. I guess this is a practice in patience for me! Practice is hard!! lol

over 9 years ago

Sold out again?!

over 9 years ago

Huh? I was about to purchase and alas the bag is sold out again! I want one!!!

over 9 years ago

Missed the first go around… sad. And then, my friend and I were getting out of the car to go to our knitting hang-out and I spotted hers in her knitting bag and said “Oh, you got one! They were sold out when I tried” She said “Then you’ll love the one I got for you!”

How cool is that?!

I do love it; it’s the right size for me and I prefer the draw string closure.

over 9 years ago

Wish you guys would order enough for everyone instead of teasing us! :)

over 9 years ago

Please notify me 2 when you are restocked, thank you.

over 9 years ago

Missed it again! Got an email at 2:30 am. Of course when I woke at 7 and logged in, they were gone again.

I am hoping to get a bag or two next time.

over 9 years ago

I missed it again!!

over 9 years ago

I would really like one of these bags. I hope that I will be able to get one the next time you restock. Thanks..

over 9 years ago

I agree with the pre-order idea. I am not able to check this hourly and I noticed when I signed in, there are over 2000 users logged in. I am afraid I will miss this bag AGAIN! I REALLY hope to purchase one this time!

over 9 years ago

I agree. Then at least the powers that be can get an idea of how many they will really need, now and in the future.

over 9 years ago

O.K. It is Monday Aug. 20th and still no message about the bags!?! I checked on the 19th at 9pm in case Ravelry is on California time. I checked at 11pm on the 19th, at midnight (Toronto time zone), at 1am, at 4am and now at 7:15am. STILL no message that the bags are available???? After 9am I will be without access to the Internet till this evening. Will I miss buying this bag yet again? It really seems that there MuSt be a better system.

over 9 years ago

Finally…..order in and about 2/3 gone!! Well done! Can’t wait as I woke up 3 times last night to see if available…had to wait to get home and yay!!!

over 9 years ago

Love the design! Please consider making totes with this design on it!!!

over 9 years ago

Well … here we are almost 48hrs after ~the~ latest release of bags and there are still hundreds left. All that fussing was not necessary. Oops!

over 9 years ago

Just received bag (4 days after order placed…wow!) Cute design and nice quality. Thanks Ravelry!

over 9 years ago

I just received my bag a few minutes ago, it’s lovely. It’s a descent size and perfectly lightweight, but strong. Buy it if just to support Ravelry.

over 9 years ago

I knew I’d love this bag.

I’d ordered the Sheep-to-Sock bag back in 2010 (and believe you me, there were many bags since I wish I’d had the money to order as they came along, because the S2S bag is fantastic). The organic cotton stays very clean, very crisp, and is WONDERFUL to work out of on small projects. It’s also great for stashing a few balls of yarn whenever I need to. And the design is just darned cute.

Well, I had a VERY big surprise when I got my Ravelry 5th Anniversary bag --- It’s bigger than the Sheep to Sock one by quite a bit! It’s absolutely lovely, and I adore it!

I started knitting (Well, okay, I finally figured out what I’d been doing wrong for two years and why I’d never gotten past casting on before) right around the time Ravelry was born. So it feels like not only a celebration of Ravelry’s wonderful history, but also a celebration of all the wonderful things I’ve discovered (yarn, yarn, yarn! Crochet, spinning, and so much more!) since I began knitting those five years ago.

I love this bag!

over 9 years ago

Thanks Ravelry!! Got my bag today an i love it!!! Just ordered it Thursday An it was in the mail today!! That was fast!!

over 9 years ago

Got my bag and I’m toting it around Boston! It’s the perfect size for the shawl I am working on with left over room for the pattern to fit. I hope the quality stands up, seems thin. Thank you to Ravelry and the designer :)
Pictures for Ravelry

over 9 years ago

I love it and can’t wait to order a bunch….I hope there’s still some left.

over 9 years ago

I love this bag. Its nice and sturdy and holds a lot. I have it hanging on my bed post with my current project so my knitting is never far away lol. more pics 171.JPG

over 9 years ago

I like the tight weave of the cotton fabric. My needles have not poked through it. I like the size too. So far, my projects have occupied about half its volume. That means I can close it with the draw string, then fold it over and tuck it into my commuting tote bag. Thank you, ElloKnits, Ravelry, and EcoBag.

over 9 years ago

I love this bag! It’s pretty much the prefect size to hold any project (except maybe a blanket)! It’s been a huge help and keeps my yarn, hook, stitch counter, and sometimes even pattern for my project all in one place and from rolling out of my “tool” tote I keep all my crochet stuff in.
The fabric is a nice color and seems really tough, the pattern shows up brightly against it. So far the pattern has shown no signs of wear from folding and much use.
I’m very pleased, it was worth the wait.

over 9 years ago

I love this bag and I carry this proudly everywhere :) The size is right and picture is nice though a little sticky.

over 9 years ago

This makes a great project bag!! I used it to tote several hanks of sock yarn, a pattern and needles… then toss it into my large gray Ravelry tote! Keeps it contained and when at doc office I can just bring in this little bag! good quality, eco friendly fabric, great design!

over 9 years ago

ravelry project bag

My bag was promptly delivered within 3 days and I was uber excited to receive it today! The bag’s smaller than I realized, but other than that, I love it! The color is more of a creamy tone rather than white. I tried to capture the color in my pics, but I think it shows up best in BayouGramma’s pic. The design print is well done and looks gorgeous on the bag. I’m looking forward to more cute bags in the Ravelry store! :)

over 8 years ago

Great little bag, but it shrinks in the wash…didn’t give it any thought, since it’s cotton. I just assumed it would wash well. Oh well!

over 8 years ago

I love the bag!! It’s the perfect size for one project and all your tools. Very pleased with the purchase.

over 8 years ago

Just loved the bags from a previous order, that I have ordered more, and a few more items as well! I use my bags for putting my carded ,dyed fleece silk and alpaca so their separated and organised for spinning.