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over 9 years ago

I just recently purchased/received these clings and they are adorable. Even though my entire car needs a scrub (from winter grime etc), my windows got the clean treatment so I was able to apply these. Very simple and they look great. Thanks!

over 9 years ago

I, too, am a Boston Terrier lover. How cool to discover that ravelry’s logo is a BT!

over 9 years ago

Got my clings yesterday - nice and thick, didn’t get all curly like some do! The DD and I had fun moving them all over the car to figure out the BEST place to display my Ravelry Pride. Sammy the Labby none too happy to be watching from the driveway!

over 9 years ago

I would order several of these, but I don’t want the Bob cling. Too bad we don’t have a choice… Same with the buttons.

over 8 years ago

LOVE my new clings! …and they arrived SO fast! Thanks!

over 8 years ago

Question, I would love to buy these for my car however, would the pictures show toward the inside of the car and not show out?

over 7 years ago

Is it possible to just get the Ravelry symbol without BOB ? I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m just not into the canine species.

over 6 years ago

When are you getting more??

over 3 years ago

Got Bob cling stickers yet?

over 2 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! I bought them when they first came out (wow … it has been a long time!), and they’ve been living happily on the front side windows of my Odyssey ever since. They’ve stuck like champs, no matter how many times I’ve rolled the windows down.

I just wish I knew which company you used, as a local charitable organization I volunteer with is wanting to print some window clings, and I’d love to get the same quality clings.