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over 11 years ago

Received these yesterday and they’re beautiful - just as pictured! I’ll enjoy sending a few little notes to my family and friends with these. ☺

over 11 years ago

I like this design very much - thanks for the hint with the tote bag! I’ll be waiting for it to save some oversea shipping costs. Hope to see it soon in the ravelry store! :-)

over 10 years ago

Lovely note cards! Nicely done!

over 8 years ago

The cards are BEAUTIFUL but honestly $6 for just 3 cards is to pricey for my budget. I got excited and was about to add it to my cart because I expected a “box” of like 10 or 12 perhaps. I’m not trying to come across with a mean tone here. I truly do love the cards but I would go broke wanting to share them with friends/family because they’re so beautiful and creative! LOL Someone is very gifted with design. Simply gorgeous and fun to look at!