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over 2 years ago

Wow, I think this is marvellous.. Now to find out if you would mail to Vancouver,BC and what the charges for shipping/handling might be ??

Is the Cotton strong enough to handle all the wear & tear ? I have found with some cotton tote bags are so thin and then fall apart so to speak.

I do like the design.. very nice.

Thanks so much.

over 2 years ago

This is a great bag! I love the handle and the design on the front. It’s a good bit darker than the photos though- almost a tan color.

over 2 years ago

Got my bag about 2 weeks ago, but haven’t had time to comment! LOVE it! Nice size, I LOVE the long, incorporated sling/tote handle as opposed to just sewn-on straps, and the little pocket on the inside is great for all those little notions you need.

over 2 years ago

I absolutely love this bag, so I am coming back for a second bag today. I’ve searched many websites for project bags, and this one is perfect for me. This is a spacious bag, and I appreciate that the opening is wide so that I can easily see and reach into the bottom of the bag without having to empty the bag. The wide strap makes the bag easy to carry, and it doesn’t slip off my shoulder. The printed design is very nice and incorporates not only knitting and crocheting but also sewing and latch-hook rug making. The canvas fabric is sturdy but also soft. Inside seams are reinforced and smooth. I expect this bag will last me forever. I’ve started a second afghan project this week so I “need” another bag.


I would love to see this on a t shirt! The last thing I need is another tote, but I love this design!

23 months ago

I couldn’t be happier with this bag! Love it!

23 months ago

I agree with forestfirecity. A shirt with this design would be way cool. Please make this happen!

15 months ago

This is a lovely project tote bag! I love the wider strap!
I agree about the design on a t-shirt too. I’d buy one!