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21 months ago

As soon as I saw this adorable bag I had to have one! Pictured are two of my favorites - a fox and an owl. Can’t wait until it arrives.

21 months ago

I HAD to have this. So cute.

21 months ago

These need to be shirts! I might buy them just to make them into shirts.

21 months ago

I ordered one of these on 18 Nov and it arrived with me in the UK yesterday (25 Nov) - quick work! The drawstring bag is neat and practical - it’s the same type as the Design Competition project bag - and the design is nicely printed. I’ll enjoy using this. My only disappointment was that there was no Ravelry sticker on the package!

20 months ago

Superbly made and I love the design!

18 months ago

Love it!! Perfect and the graphics are adorable!

15 months ago

Cute bags. Great price. Nice product. Very happy with my purchase of 3!

6 months ago

Mine arrived in the mail yesterday and I love it. super fast shipping also it arrived in 2 days :)