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12 months ago

I love this project bag! The print is very high quality and the bag is bigger than I expected, which makes it my go-to bag for things like sweaters in progress. Normally these type of bags are sock sized, so it’s nice to have one a bit larger.

10 months ago

Really liked this project bag when it arrived unfortunately my 15yr old daughter also liked it. She seen it and was out the door with it (as an overnight bag) with a “thanks mom” so I guess that means next time I going to go ahead and purchase all three at once!

10 months ago

Cute bags. Great price. Nice product. Very happy with my purchase of 3!

6 months ago

You guys need to put this design on a hoodie and tshirt!

about 1 month ago

Ok.. The bag is great. I can see many uses for these, not just knitting-related. I hope more designs are added in the future - maybe a design a year that retires, or something of the sort? I don’t know how feasible that would be cost-wise.

The bag is one great thing, the shipping another. I’m terribly impressed at how fast I got this order. Received in Minnesota on the third business day after ordering. I appreciate the speediness very much! (And isn’t the east in a bout of heavy snowstorms?!)

By the way, I also ordered a bottle of the ravelry soak. OH MY. The smell is phenomenal! If you’re reading this review, run off and get yourself a bottle before it’s gone!