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over 8 years ago

I LOVE my Bob Chasing Yarn tote.

over 8 years ago

I just got my Bob Chasing Yarn tote today. It is even cuter than it looks in the picture. There is so much room. I love it!!

over 8 years ago

Have bag, will use in car! I finally have a bag just for my current project! My dog is jealous, though. She’ll get over it.

over 8 years ago

I love my Bob tote. It arrived very quickly, too! It is a great conversation starter about Ravelry. Other Ravlers notice it and we “connect”!

I am happy to support Ravelry by purchasing from the Mini-mart because I have gained so much from being a part of this wonderful site!

So if you’ve been thinking about this tote----get it before they are gone! You won’t be disappointed in the quality or the size or the cuteness.

over 8 years ago

The size and shape are great - I love a shorter wider bag for knitting (less fishing to find things), and this fills the bill. Lots of space for a bigger project like a cardigan, too, which is nice.

The graphic is adorable and looks great on the bag. Love it!

I am beyond pleased with the product and glad I got my hands on one before they sold out again :)

over 8 years ago

Didn’t need a bag but got one anyway. GOOD PURCHASE! This bag is HUGE! Bob is cute and it’s got more room than the bag I now … make that USED to use. Good bag. Good Bob. Good bag!

over 8 years ago

I LOVE my bag!! I bought one for myself and one for my mom for Christmas. We both have Boston Terrier’s, Bosley & Bentley. Bob fits right in!!! :-)

over 8 years ago

My bag arrived today - I love it! Extremely speedy postage to the UK - many thanks!

over 8 years ago

I finally scored a Bob Chasing Yarn tote and I LOVE it! So cute!

over 8 years ago

Please print more!

over 8 years ago

I got my Bob Chasing Yarn tote this past Christmas, and I LOVE it! It’s so roomy and easy to carry. It fits my needles, my project bags and extra yarn I might have lying around (and still has room!). I only wish it had more pockets, but I am still beyond pleased. Bob makes it so charming, too.
I couldn’t ask for a better tote :)

over 8 years ago

I bought this bag when it first came out. It was still in its wrapping when I decided to give it to my best friend. She and her husband were over celebrating the new year with us. She mentioned that she wanted to learn how to knit. So pulled out some yarn, needles, and this bag. She’s now a knitter! And she loved the bag. So once I saw it back in the market, I had to buy one for me. I just love Bob!!

over 8 years ago

I agree! Print moar!!!!

over 8 years ago

Very roomy and comfortable! the strap is wide for the shoulder, so even if you have heavy loads, the bag is easy to carry. Buy it!

over 8 years ago

Please print more! Can’t wait to get one, and I have several friends who would like this too!

over 8 years ago

I bought mine when they first came out, but wasn’t “allowed” to have it until Christmas (hubby bought it for me, lol). Last week at knit night I spilled my coffee all over it, and I am very pleased to report that after a run through the washer/dryer, it looks new again.

Love love love this bag!!

over 8 years ago

Adorable!! So glad I got one while they were available. =)

over 8 years ago

Got my Bob Bag today! I love that the print of bob 7his ball is easy to see, it’s a conversation starter, relaxed and roomy too! I WUV Bob!

over 8 years ago

My bob chasing yarn tote bag is AWESOME! I’m using it for my knitting bag for my current baby blanket project. It is great because it has no velcrow or zippers so the yarn doesn’t get snagged. It is sturdy and well-constructed. I’ve renamed it “Brewno chasing yarn tote bag” since my Boston is named Brewno! :) Thanks Ravelry for such a GREAT product!! I LOVE IT

over 8 years ago

I just got my Bob Chasing Yarn tote today. My order arrived within a couple of days. I love it! It’s good and roomy and arrived just in time to take to the Maryland sheep and wool festival this weekend!

over 8 years ago

My first Bob Tote arrived with a twisted handle, I contacted Ravelry and they shipped out a new one! What great customer service, I thank you. I love my Bob Tote and get many compliments on it, others from my knitting group have ordered their own Bob Tote’s as well.

over 8 years ago

I got my Bob Chasing Yarn tote from a swap partner, and I LOVE it!!!

over 7 years ago

I got this bag a few months ago and I love it. It’s very sturdy and so cute. I use it all the time; it’s very comfortable on my shoulder, even when I have heavy things in it. It has lots of room and the handles are just the right length. It’s perfect!

over 7 years ago

I want this bag so bad! Hopefully it still be available again soon.

over 7 years ago

I LOVE my bag!

Other ravelry users recgonize bob the dog, and it leads to a new friend and a conversation piece!

The strap is super comfortable, and the bag is nice and big, so it fits everything I want to take with me, and more, when I am going to my stitch n bitches!

over 7 years ago

I need to have one of these bags! But, every time I check back on it, you are sold out! :o( Please make more!

over 7 years ago

Please please please reprint this bag! My Bob bag was stolen at my work by a homeless man…he could have the soup, I didn’t care, but why why take Bob & my wool sock yarn & skull needles, oh where oh where can Bob be~!?!?

Translation: Please humbly accept this request to reprint this bag, for purchase is
guarrr--auuunn-teeedd! ;]

over 7 years ago

Oh, I want one of these!! Please please make more!

over 6 years ago

Me and my THREE Boston Terriers would like a Bob Chasing Yarn tote bag. Please make some more!

over 6 years ago

My Boston Terrier, Penelope, and I are also dying for this tote, or this print on something else (a different tote or a tee perhaps), plz!

over 6 years ago

I’d love to have one, too!!! The style is perfect, the colours is nice, and the pic is so cute …

Please, can’t you find another manufacturer for these totes? Please? Pretty pretty please?

over 5 years ago

I would ALSO love to have this tote! Even if it has to be printed on a different color or style of tote (keeping it large for my projects, of course), I would love to have it!