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over 11 years ago

i am one of those sensitive itchy nose allergy type people. the one that has to hold her nose in the elevator and will move to a new seat on the subway if you are that person. yanno, the one that overdid it. i do like fragrance in general though, it’s just sharp or heavy chemically stuff that gets my sneezer started. with that preface, let me say, Unleash Soak smells divine! a fresh, clean, not-quite-fruity, not-quite-floral whiff of happiness. i love that Bob is on the bottle (i didn’t see him at first and it was a pleasant surprise to catch him there waiting to be noticed : ) i love that this is a Rav exclusive and i love that the label is green. i wonder if Jes had a hand in picking the label color hmmmmm… any how, when it gets back in stock i think you should buy a bottle. or three. for reals.

over 11 years ago

I love Soak product already and was very excited to get my new bottle that supports Ravelry. The scent is great. A little citrusy, a little fruity, a little floraly, but none of it over done. Hits all the right spots in my nose & I’m sure I’ll use it for all my future blocking needs.

over 11 years ago

I just love this new scent of Soak! It has a spicy pear fragrance that is perfect for knitwear. I will definitely be ordering more…

over 11 years ago

YUM! After reading that it had a green apple scent, I expected it to be tart and strong but it is balanced just perfectly so that it doesn’t smell too sweet or too tart, and it is not overwhelming. They did a great job making this flavor - I’ve tried all the other SOAKs and this one is my favorite. I’ll definitely be ordering more and hope that everyone will give it a try! :)

over 11 years ago

It smells reminiscent of my old Strawberry Shortcake scented doll - sweet with a fruitiness to it. Subtle and very pleasant, probably a bit girly.

over 11 years ago

This smells so nice. I am really glad I ordered two bottles and will do so in the future while it remains available.

over 11 years ago

Just got my two bottles in the mail! So glad I bought them both. This fragrance is off the leash! It smells great!

over 11 years ago

I received my two bottles of SOAK today. The fragrance is wonderful. Yummy!

over 11 years ago

I love the fragrance of this. It totally reminded me of something I smelled before and it was bugging me because I couldn’t put my finger on it, then I remembered…Salon Selectives hair care products. I don’t even think they make that stuff anymore but it use to smell awesome.

over 11 years ago

Received this very quickly. The scent reminds me of Bath & Body Works’ Pearberry. Not overbearing at all. Good stuff.

over 11 years ago

Rav Soak has all the same lovely qualities as regular Soak of course - gentle, fast, and extremely easy cleaning and freshening for knits and delicates. Plus, it smells really delicious and lovely. Fruity but not overwhelming, and not SO fruity that it’s distracting. Just pleasant subtle scent, I’d describe it as green apple-esque. I love it a lot!

over 11 years ago

nice sent & it really softened up the items I blocked with it!

over 11 years ago

I just adore the scent:) .
I already own one of SOAKs by Amy Butler that reminds me of my grandmother’s old clothes, but Unleash is just what I needed; delicate, not too much, and pleasant scent.

Now I started to be a big fan of hand washing work, thanks Ravelry mini-mart!
Definitely I will purchase one more bottle soon.

over 11 years ago

so good i’m tempted to taste it.

over 11 years ago

This is the first time I’ve used a Soak product and I really like it. The scent is delicate and delicious, and doesn’t cover up the “wool” smell. It was totally easy to use. I’m officially converted :) I also LOVE the bottle -- Bob with a Ravelry collar? So cute.

over 10 years ago

I love this stuff! I’ve just recently started spinning my own yarn and gotten all the details on how to finish it properly. I was told Woollite was ok, but I honestly hate the stuff. Anything with that baby powder fragrance gets my nose going in a really bad way. I saw this and thought ‘green apple, ok so it’ll smell like the trees in the side orchard. That’s good, if a bit sharp, I can certainly try that.’ The scent is perfect, I love how clean it smells without that bite to it. And all my hand knits and yarns come out feeling just right. Got a second bottle as soon as I could, got two friends addicted to it as well.

Now when they come over I hide my spare bottle since I never know when ‘brownies’ will mysteriously use a bit to ‘wash their caps’ otherwise!

over 10 years ago

Simply wonderful! I love the smell, it’s so fresh and cool :) My new favorite.

over 10 years ago

I just got my first bottle of Soak and I love this scent! It’s very clean & crisp. It reminds me of the Green Apple scent at Bath & Body Works (that I think is discontinued) and that is one of my summer favorites. Thanks Ravelry!

over 10 years ago

I already loved Soak, but this one is even better than my previous favorite (Aquis). The scent is amazing! It’s clean, crisp, and not too sweet or fruity. I’m definitely going to need to order more. I do hope it continues to be available via the Ravelry mini-mart, since no one in my area carries it.

over 10 years ago

I just got my soap today and it smells fantastic! I can’t wait to use it on a lace shawl currently in progress!

over 10 years ago

DH agrees this smells very nice. I think he is waiting for me to offer to wash something for him :-)

I wouldn’t mind a summery cologne with this scent. Really.

over 10 years ago

This product is great! As soon as I received it in the mail I tested it on a hat that I crocheted. It’s wonderful! It smells and works great. I cannot wait to use it on all of my handmade goods.

over 10 years ago

I can’t wait until this comes back in stock! I love the scent. I don’t want to buy any other scent of Soak.

over 8 years ago

This is a REALLY good smelling wool wash! It’s like a fresh, crisp granny smith apple that you just plucked off of a tree. And the smell seems to last after you’ve washed your knitwear or it’s gentle enough to wash delicate items. My only beef with this is that you do have to rinse out the items before you block them/hang them up, what have you- and that can be a bit of a pain especially if the item is bigger. Otherwise, I think it is absolutely fantastic and I will buy more once I run out (a little goes quite a long way) and probably in this scent too, because it does smell that good!

over 8 years ago

I’ve tried other washes, tried even the other scents, but this is the only Soak for me!

over 6 years ago

My absolute favorite flavor (erm… scent) of Soak. My only complaint is that they don’t sell it in much bigger bottles! I would definitely buy the larger bottle!

over 4 years ago

Hi I just ordered this can someone give me directions on how to use It This always soak knitted items in a sink of water with a half a lid of woolite softener for hours , would I do the same thing with this Thanks

17 months ago

I just got my bottle of the new batch of Unleashed Soak, and it smells exactly like I remember--fresh, fruity, and crisp. Time for a washing and blocking party!

17 months ago

I had purchased a bottle of this several years ago and was disappointed when it went away

I have a sensitivity to most floral and wood scents but based on the previous set of reviews I tried it and loved it

Just ordered another bottle. Ravelry thank so much for bringing this product back to your mini mart