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over 8 years ago

Got my pin! It is super cute, great quality and great colours!

over 8 years ago

Super cute!
So excited that a portion of the sales went to the Special Olympics!
Thanks for paying it forward!

over 8 years ago

Just got my pin today! It is totally adorable! Bob is so cute!!!

over 8 years ago

Love the pins (I also bought one for a friend), and I really appreciate the 2008 Ravelympics pin that was included also!

over 8 years ago

hoping to get one even though I neglected to pre-order! fingers crossed!

over 8 years ago

Absolutely adorable pin! So glad I pre-ordered mine! Thanks too for the 2008 pin! :)

over 8 years ago

I really hope there will be another order. As captain, I promised my team I would get pins for them and then didn’t get around to ordering them. (My bad).

over 8 years ago

I got my pin and I absolutely love it! I was very surprised to see the pin for 2008 added. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to donate to the Special Olympics!

over 8 years ago

I really do hope they go back in stock! :) I have the 2008 one, thinking I would get one each time and have my Ravelympics collection ;-) I did check during the pre-order period, but I guess I missed the article page - I thought they were simply not in the store yet. Boo.

over 8 years ago

I got my 2010 pin today - it looks amazing. I am very happy with the quality, and glad that I talked myself into ordering one as a commemoration of the event.

over 8 years ago

great pin, realy nice quality and colour. very sturdy pin on the back so ive got no worries about it staying on my bag (its new home). awesome idear to donate some of the prosceeds to the special olimpics. loving this item.

over 8 years ago

I just got my pin. It’s super-nice, high quality, and it looks great on my knitting bag. I like to think of it as my own personal Ravelympics gold medal. Thanks!

over 7 years ago

I just got my 2010 Ravelympics pin. It’s on the project board next to my desk at home. I like the colors and the cute design. I’ll get another one the next time I participate in a Ravelympics.