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over 15 years ago

I just got my button pack today and they are great! The print quality is very good. I love the 1.25” buttons, the larger one is the ‘Hello’ button, which I’m guessing will take a Sharpie or other permanent marker. A note for those like me who are terrified to write on the button for the first time, rubbing alcohol will dissolve the sharpie without hurting the button, in case you mess up :D Apply it with a q-tip or something to, cause if the liquid gets under the plastic on the edges it will get messed up!

over 15 years ago

Thanks for the review. I was thinking about purchasing the pack but wondered whether they entered your Ravelry name for you at the printing stage. So you put it on yourself, that’s great. Will purchase some.

over 15 years ago

Do you think you could use a whiteboard marker?? Just in case??

over 15 years ago

barknknit, you could use white board markers too, but it might get wiped off on cloths and stuff.

over 15 years ago

I used Purell hand sanitizer. It’s a gel. Let it sit a while and wipe with a Kleenex. It didn’t hurt the button at all.

over 15 years ago

There are also the old school wet erase markers that used to be used for overhead projectors, that might be a good option because it wouldn’t smear

over 15 years ago

I love my buttons
so cute

over 15 years ago

Button pack is perfect! I was trying to grab a 50-pack but was slow to move… this is a just-right size to help accessorize my bags :) Woo!

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over 15 years ago

I just got these today and am really impressed by the quality. I used a permanent CD marker on my name badge so hopefully that will last. My only “issue” as it were, is that I’d like to see some mini-buttons sometime, with maybe just the logo!

over 15 years ago

are you going to get any more ravelry buttons made, the hello kind?

over 15 years ago

Great quality buttons! :)

over 14 years ago

more buttons required…when will they be back in stock?

over 14 years ago

I’m thrilled with these lil’ guys. Now I feel like a real Ravelvangelist!

You can also use the eraser from the Container Store’s line of erasable labels to correct/adjust the handwriting on the name button. It works great and there’s no risk of damage! (Though it does require some elbow grease)

over 14 years ago

cool buttons Look awsome.

over 14 years ago

I loved the buttons! Thank you! I am going to put my name on using scrapbook lettering stickers.

And, I put one of the buttons on my sewing machine! You can see the photo at the link below:
link text

over 13 years ago

I just opened my parcel two seconds ago and I’m so happy! The buttons are beautiful!

The sizes are perfect and they look like they’re really good quality. I love the white background, it’s crisp and makes everything stand out… I don’t know what else to say but they’re just awesomes ok?! I have to go and get doodling on my button now. Good day, my good Sirs.

I don’t think I’ll ever take these off…

over 13 years ago

Very cute!! I am very satisfied with them!

over 13 years ago

LOVE THEM!! got them yesterday and I can’t wait to take my “daily dose of fiber” with me to the office :) Now when I’m at my cubicle during slow times of the day and pull out my knitting and anyone asks what I’m doing I can just point at my cute little button to get the point across! :) Thanks Ravelry!!

over 13 years ago

I really want this!
Any clue as to when they might come back into stock?

over 11 years ago

Great, high quality buttons, and so worth it for the price. I’m so excited to put them on my purse and knitting bag! Something that really excited me is that the HELLO button’s pin portion is large enough that I can put it around the shoulder strap of my Namaste Laguna bag, so I don’t have to poke any holes in it! :)

And in case anyone else uses Sharpie and panics because it doesn’t come off with alcohol --- make sure your alcohol isn’t the cheap kind that’s only 50% isopropyl alcohol. Once I got out my “medical alcohol” (as I call it) that’s 91% isopropyl, the Sharpie literally vanished. Didn’t hurt the button at all. Just pour the alcohol on a cotton swab or bit of toiler paper, and rub gently along the front. Don’t pour it on the button ‘cause it could, theoretically, slip under the seal in the bank and damage the button inside.

over 10 years ago

I printed my name on a white label and then applied it - this way there was no running or smearing.

over 10 years ago

Love my new buttons! I already wrote my Ravelry name on the “Hello, my name is:” button. So glad to know that I can remove my chicken scratch with rubbing alcohol should it become necessary.

over 10 years ago

I love my Ravelry buttons. I wear the My Name is whenever I’m going to any knitting or crochet venue. Other Ravelers recognize you right away. Fun!!

over 6 years ago

heart them!