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over 6 years ago

i never knew what true love until now. thank you, ravelry. <3

alt text

over 6 years ago

These glasses are so much fun! High quality glass and printing. Drink up!

over 6 years ago

The perfect glasses to relieve my yarn and needle related angst. Thanks a bunch!

over 6 years ago

some action shots I just took:

alt text
alt text
alt text

I will probably redo the one with both glasses. I was so focused on the toppling pile of yarn that I didn’t notice the reflection of my lamps in the glasses.

over 6 years ago

These pints arrived at 12:35 EST. I finished my first Guinness at 12:59 EST. Utterly fantastic.

over 6 years ago

Knitting and a pint (or two)…could life be any more perfect?? I think not.
Oh yea, the quality of the glasses is A1!

over 6 years ago

High quality, fun, and with a nice weight, these pint glasses are a welcome addition. My gin and tonics -- yes I make them THAT big -- have found a new home!

over 6 years ago

My “frogged” glass is frosting in the freezer as I type this. I can’t wait to pour that Lucky Kat IPA in there!

Awesome glasses. I can’t wait under “frogged” becomes a euphemism for being drunk. Hell, “ripped” is, right?

over 6 years ago

alt text
I received my glasses last night and broke them in with an IPA.
They came very sturdily packaged and in perfect condition!

over 6 years ago

Good quality glasses. They are a bit smaller than the typical Canadian pint, tho.

over 6 years ago

They are now Ken approved:

alt text

as well as WIP approved:

alt text

over 6 years ago

These glasses are awesome! I have the shot glasses too (Do I follow the beer with Tequila or is it vice versa?) One kvetch…I wish the type was the same size on both glasses. Still, I love them!

over 6 years ago

Love my new pints!
Official pint glasses
That’s Guinness on the left, Black Butte Porter on the right and a Central Park Hoodie in between.

over 6 years ago

These glasses are GORGEOUS… they are sturdy, which is a godsend as DOH is soooo clumsy. Are a US pint which is smaller than a UK measure but who cares, they are sooo lovely.

over 6 years ago

I adore these!

Half of the Ravelry frogged/ripped pint glasses

over 6 years ago

I love these! Well packed, not a chip or crack on ‘em, and nice and sturdy. Definitely a quality product.

over 6 years ago

I just got these and they look great - nice heavy thick glass and nicely printed. I can’t wait to try them out!

over 5 years ago

Mine arrived a few days ago, and they’re perfect! And I love how heavy they are. I’ve washed them in the dishwasher once so far, and they still look perfect.

over 5 years ago

These pint glasses are wonderful! They are sturdy and the printing is beautiful!

over 5 years ago

These pints are great. Hefty glass, great printing. I have some similar shaped cheap glasses from Ikea, but these are clearly superior in quality, the glass is thicker and heavier. Yeah! They came safely packed for shipping.

over 5 years ago

These are the only glasses I use now! Excellent quality, sturdy, and chip-resistant. My life is now more meaningful.

over 5 years ago

I adore these glasses!!! I just moved in with my boyfriend and one of the girls from my knitting club got them for me as a housewarming gift! My boyfriend uses the “Ripped” one cuz he says it works for men. (more gym related than knit related…lol)

over 3 years ago

These glasses are fantastic! My boyfriend loves them so much that I may have to get him his own set so mine don’t magically end up at his place.

over 2 years ago

Please print more!

over 2 years ago

Why did I wait to get these??? I hope they come back in stock soon :(

over 2 years ago

My favorite glasses now. Hold up very well in the dishwasher too!

over 2 years ago

Loff these glasses! DH and initiated them over the weekend (boy did we) with some Fat Tires (self) and Paulaner Heffs (DH) and they performed with excellence. High quality printing, sturdy glass and fun to use. Would definitely recommend them.

23 months ago

Everyone thinks these are so funny even when they don’t get the knitting reference. I would have been satisfied with just about anything, but was pleasantly surprised by the sturdy weight and quality of the glass--not so likely to tip over in a violent frogging episode!

20 months ago

excellent quality glasses - even survived being knocked onto floor by a mischievous cat without the smallest crack or nick. i am considering buying another set as they are rather popular and see a lot of use

15 months ago

This is sooo up my alley. Just ordered a set and can’t wait to get em!

14 months ago


Cold beer and crochet. Bliss!!!