Keep Calm Crochet On- Art Print

This special-edition art print will remind you of what’s really important - crocheting on!

Based on the famous design from a World War II poster printed in the UK that has gained popularity in recent years.

Available in both crochet and knit-specific designs in a matte plum color, the talented designer Julie of symposi has filled the familiar crown image with craft-specific tools and notions. Can you spot them all?

The design is offset printed on high quality, heavyweight paper and is the perfect size for a standard, off the shelf, 16” by 20” frame! (approximately 40 x 50 cm) No need to pay for an expensive custom frame.

Ravelers played a big part in this print - you all voted for this gorgeous plum! Now the color that you helped pick is available in this one time only print run. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Thanks to JulieFrick for the idea!

Are you looking for “Keep Calm and Knit On”? Sorry! That print has sold out.

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