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over 10 years ago


I was really nervous about the sizing, but ordered an AA size XL with my fingers crossed. I got it and lo and behold, not only does it fit, but I am thrilled with how it looks! I usually wear a medium in most shirts; I wear a 36C bra if that helps and have broader shoulders than most women my size. The shirt is flattering, feminine and just adorable. Now I have to decide if I’m gonna collect them all! :)


over 10 years ago

I got an L, and it IS a bit small on me in the arms but everything else fits well. I was glad for the length on it, tbh. Pictures will come, I’m sure.

over 10 years ago

The material is super soft and stretchy! I got a medium, and it has a nice, snug fit on me (I have narrow shoulders). The sleeves are really cute, too. And even on a hot day the fabric breathed enough I didn’t faint away!

over 10 years ago

I received my small T shirt today. It is nicely long and loose around the stomach area. It’s also very comfortable.

over 10 years ago

I seem to be one of the very few who ordered XS. :)
It fits me well and pretty body-hugging which is something I want in a t-shirt. If you wonder, I’m on the skinny side, about 5ft4in, and pretty much flat chest. Normally I wear size XS/S from H&M and Zara. I like this much better than the AA veggie fibre shirt (size S) which is just way too big and long.

I think the small size would look quite roomy and loose. So it all depends on what you like, roomy or fit like a glove.

I love this shirt except for the length (I’d like it to be shorter).

over 10 years ago

Really, how could I not love it?

I got a medium, and it’s really cute and flattering. I love the length, and the puffy sleeves.

over 10 years ago

I LOVE this shirt. It’s different than your typical t-shirt & begs the question as to what it means!I usually wear a M women’s t-shirt or 10/12; 36A bust. I ordered a L in this shirt & I’d say it fits like a medium on the smaller side. Sleeve ends are elastic & slightly fitting. Shirt washed/dried a-ok; no shrinking or problems with printing quality; material thin & very soft. I added photo to Rav Flicker Pool.
I respectfully disagree(1) !

over 10 years ago

Love this shirt! Normally wear a L, I ordered the XL, and it is very stretchy . It’s longer than typical t-shirts, which is nice. The puffy sleeves are not at all obnoxious, even on my built-like-a-football-player shoulders.It is more snug up top,and becomes looser through the stomach.

over 10 years ago

RAV-17632 disagree (1) tee

My measurements are 35”-28”-37”, and I usually wear a size Small. I got this shirt in Medium and it fits me perfectly. It’s snug and curve-hugging without being too tight. It’s quite long on my torso (I’m 5’2”), but I like my shirts this way so I’m extremely happy with it.

over 10 years ago


I love my shirt! I usually wear a Medium so I ordered the XL and it fits great! Love the neckline and the light fabric.

over 9 years ago

I think I bought a small…It fits great except it pulls a touch across the chest. For reference, I have a 33” bust.

Sadly, mine was in a backpack that got lost on a train to Long Island :( So no more cute Rav-T for me :( {{sniff}}

over 9 years ago

I got this shirt in the mail three days after I ordered it, talk about speediness. Words can’t describe my love for this shirt. It’s soft, stretchy, lightweight, and well-made. I usually wear a juniors size M/L so I ordered the XL and it fits perfectly.

And now for the obligatory bathroom shot.


over 9 years ago

Love this shirt!

It’s long and the puff sleves are cute.

I have it in size M which is pretty much like an european size M or european size 36/38.

over 9 years ago

I am a 34” bust and ordered the size medium. it fits well in the body but is a little tight in the sleeves. All in all, though, I think this was the right size for me. Here I am giving the disapproving finger wag:

alt text

over 9 years ago

alt text

Lovin’ on my disagree (1) t-shirt. I like how long the waist is. It’s so hard to find shirts that fit as nicely as these do!!

over 9 years ago

i love this shirt! it fits perfectly (i’m a 31 and i got the small), its slim but not to tight, and the neckline is incredibly flattering. plus, the printing remained perfect after a trip through the wash

over 9 years ago

alt text

Tis a fantastic fit! And im really busty, 40DDD. I wanted this to be more relaxed so I got an XL this time around.

over 9 years ago

This shirt is amazing! So light and stretchy - totally comfy.

I am usually wearing a size 16/18 and was really worried about the fit. It fits like a glove and I can hardly tell I am wearing it.

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over 9 years ago

I wear a 32 DD, and my bust is roughly 38” at the fullest point… I got the Large and it is PERFECT. Now I just need to find an under tee so I can layer…

over 9 years ago

Sometimes Norah looks at me and says “What about…?” and sometimes my answer is THIS:

alt text

I love my new cantankerous shirt, it does my sassin’ for me! It’s a L and I am a 34B, it’s comfy but I wouldn’t want to throw it in the dryer.

over 7 years ago

I love this T shirt - very flattering. I bought the XL because the bewbs, I haz them. I have had it over a year and wear it a lot. Today when I went to put it on I noticed some small holes and got bit saddened. One one hand I’m a little disappointed, I have had T-shirts 20 years that have not done this. But on the other, like I said before, I have worn it a lot and it’s AA, what did I expect it to last long enough to pass down to my daughter?

In short, great shirt, great fit, short shelf life if you wear the Bob out of it.

BTW: It’s never been in the dryer so avoid dryers if you like the way it looks on you.