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over 10 years ago

Ok, people. I LOVE this shirt. Makes me feel all nice and pleasant and all that good stuff. The shirt is super super soft! It’s a bit short- it sits right at that part of my waist that starts to abruptly zoom outwards forming my hip region, what I believe are commonly referred to as “saddle bags.” I have a long, white tank top on underneath and I’m quite pleased with myself. I mean, my shirt. Very pleased with my shirt! It’s not clingy, it’s not billowy, it’s just right! :)

over 9 years ago

Agree (1) with AuntieJimbo - the shirt is super-soft and it’s well-made.

UK people - I usually wear a UK size 18-20 top and the 2XL is a little big on me, but it has a nicely fitted shape so it isn’t obviously baggy. The sleeves are a nice length - not cap sleeves but definitely short sleeves - and they aren’t at all tight. Disagree (1) with AuntieJimbo that the shirt is short - it’s longer than most of my high-street t-shirts, easily hits hip length and I am 5’11”.

Best of all it was delivered to the UK in a fabulous three days! Photo is pretty bad, sorry.


over 9 years ago

Love this shirt too! I was afraid because I wear 18/20, but the 2XL fits perfect! It’s just right. I have a smaller waist and bigger bust. I love that it’s not long as long shirts tend to draw attention to my hips.

over 9 years ago

I know from experience that an American Appearal XL would be too small and a Hanes 2XL would be a bit big, so it’s pretty much what I expected in terms of fit - I have a little collection of Hanes XLs. It is softer and less boxy than the Hanes t’s you can get at Wal-Mart, it has a bit of shaping to it. I do have to say that the Hanes t’s tend to be a little shorter than the current trendy t’s but that’s a good thing if you don’t want it bunching up atop your butt when you wear it. All in all, I consider it very wearable and I’m happy!

over 9 years ago

I love this shirt! I got the size XL and I normally wear US 14-16. It’s super-soft and the fit is really nice. Plus no one understood why my shirt said “agree (1)” and I told them it was an inside joke :D

over 9 years ago

I love this shirt! I was afraid it was going to shrink after a wash but nope…retained its size and shape! I think I’ll get another! Yay! It also has a really nice shape for us curvy girls…it hugs our curves rather than being boxy! Thank you Rav!

over 9 years ago

dances on one leg around the knitting table

I was a little reluctant at first - should I really have a T-Shirt which I could not even try on the whole way from the US to Germany? I am so glad I did! I took a size L version as I read some people found it to be a little tight - I would have been fine with the size M I usually wear with T-shirts I get at H&M for example. I did not wash it so far, but quality seems to be ok, I do not think it will shrink in the wash. It does not have to, though, it is “loose fit”, but not “Help, I drown in my T-shirt!” Love the quick service - it just took 1 week to get it ! I will add a photo soon.

over 8 years ago

Love this shirt! I’m so happy with it - it fits perfectly! I ordered the 2XL as I normally buy anything between a 18/20 to 20/22 depending on brand. As others have said, it is neither too tight nor to floppy and I think it has a very flattering fit to it.

It stops just at my hip bone which I also think is a very flattering length for people of all sizes. And the sleeves are the perfect length - not too short to make me self-conscious of my upper arms, but not too long either. And for me the sleeves are the perfect with around as well. I think the pictures on the details page are very true to how this fits on me as well.

I love the V-neck and the shirt quality and the printing are also excellent quality. I haven’t washed mine quite yet, but I would be very shocked if it shrunk or deteriorated at all.

I can’t wait for the Love (1) to come back in stock in my size so I can order one of those, too! And I also can’t wait to wear it out in public and thoroughly confuse people as to what it means - he! he!

over 8 years ago

WOW! I love Ravelry shirts ~ I just received my agree (1) today!!! Everyone that knows me knows I always hit the buttons!!! Now if we only had a jealous button… I would be right there!
thanks sooo much for the wonderful items listed here in the store
I am constantly checking for new things to add to my growing Ravelry items
Everyone needs to get a shirt!