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over 10 years ago

soft and snarky, the perfect combination.

the shoulders were kinda weird when I first opened the shirt--like too much fabric had been put into the front at the seams, but I washed it and the problem went away. yay!

over 10 years ago

The fabric is a little thin for my tastes, and especially since they’re all cut snug, solid fabric would be nice.

But the cut is great, and the fabric is soft as a dream! (You knit these yourself, right Jess?)

over 10 years ago

Fit and fabric are great. If I could wear it to work all the time, I would. My only problem is with the length but I guess I should have expected it being 6’3” and all.

over 10 years ago

i love the way this shirt is cut. curvy without being tight. the 2XL is a little on the large size for me, but i’m relieved more than anything else. (i almost ordered a 3XL! glad i didn’t!) and the fabric is nice and thick.

i want a daily fiber one now.

over 10 years ago

I ordered a 3xl-my bust measures 54 so it should fit-it is very clingy and too snug for comfort unless you are used to wearing a very tight t shirt. I do wear a 3x in womens tops -including sevaral Hanes t’s-but these are cut differently. So sad-but I loved the softness of the shirt-it was a thin fabric but nice-not crazy thin. Now I have to return it : (

over 10 years ago

I wish I knew what size shirt all the positive reviewers are getting! I got a 3x (I am normally a 2x). The shirt is cut weird, too short, and in general, I would say it is a size too small (even though I ordered a size bigger than I would normally wear). The thin material stretched over my ample bust made the shirt “see” through. The only way I can wear it is as a layering piece. I hate it, and I am totally disappointed.

over 10 years ago

for those of you who are unhappy with the sizing. i just wanted to point out that the 2XL is not the same as a 2X in women’s sizes.

i’m normally a 16-18 in tops. and sometimes depending on the style i’m a 1X. but i ordered the 2XL which fits me just fine.

over 10 years ago

There is no significant difference between a 3xl and a 3x. In addition, the “sizing” information provided indicated that the shirt should fit me just fine. It does not. These shirts run very small.

over 10 years ago

I just got my V-neck disagree(1) in an XL. Love it! Nice length-top of hips. Nice shape-slightly tapered in at waist. Nice V-neck.
I’m usually a large, x-large and I think it’s a true to size fit.

over 10 years ago

I usually wear a medium, though I’ve got a larger bust. After seeing the discussion about sizes, I ordered a large. It’s comfortable and a little loose, but not too bad. A medium would probably have been a snugger fit, and more like what I usually wear. I don’t think these shirts run terribly small - women’s cut shirts are usually meant to be snug.

over 10 years ago

Got myself a 3X, figuring I could alter it if it ended up too big or too small, but it fits fantastically!

I’m very much looking forward to wearing this to work (an ice cream shop in one of the busiest parts of our historic downtown)…can’t wait to see what sort of odd, confused looks I’ll get from the tourists ;)

over 10 years ago

Yippie my shirt came today… now I get to confuse people at work tommorrow

disclaimer: I like shirts baggy not fitted

For the people with size questions, I’m usually a Large (14), but bought an X-Large and it has about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches of extra room in the arms and around the bust. I’d love more room in the armpit area but then the rest would be too big on me

over 10 years ago

Love the fit, love the fabric. According to the charts I fall between XL and 2XL, but I went up a size to 3XL, and it’s perfect. The shoulders looked freakily baggy, but washed into shape very nicely.

I wish I’d paid more attention to the printing before I ordered though. I think the “1” is set way too high inside the parentheses, and looks a bit weird. I thought I had a dodgy one, but looking around I see that they’re all like that. I’ll still wear it, but it bugs me no end.

over 10 years ago

I ordered a 2X at first (which is much larger than my actual size) thinking it was a fitted shirt. Wrong. It was very big. Then I lost about 12 pounds and it looked ridiculous on me. I ordered a L and it looks much better, but the armpits are super baggy. I thought I would only have that problem with the larger size, but no. I am pretty disappointed with it as a whole…but I still wear it because I need to let everyone know that I disagree. With everything. ;)

over 10 years ago

I feel like one of the cool kids now with my disagree (1) v-neck tee! I’m typically an 18/20 girl, but after reading all these reviews I chose to order the 3XL. Good decision on my part, I wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller. The fabric is super stretchy, very nice for the DD girls, but it’s also a bit clingy around my middle. But throwing a long sleeve tee under it made me feel much more comfortable in it. All in all, I’m quite pleased, but if you’re on the larger size, I’d pick up a size bigger than you usually do. Get one while you can ‘cause they’re not printing any more of these babies! (The best part of my package BTW, is the super cute Bob sticker on the envelope!)

So here I am, doing my best disagree face, in my new favorite tee!
Disagree! Disagree!

over 10 years ago

I love this t except for one challenge - it is shrinking upward so now when I wear it to work (we have an all-black dress code) it rides up whenever I bend over or squat down to pick stuff up. Grrrr. I’ve had it for about 4 months now. Guess I’ll have to go back to the mens tees … or lose some more weight. Or both LOL

over 9 years ago

The shirt is too short :-(

over 9 years ago

I love my shirt. I ordered the same size I usually wear (2X) and I love how little ease there is-I expected clingy and just skimming over my curves. Haven’t yet washed it, so I can’t comment on shrinkage.

over 9 years ago

I would love to be able to read a chart with measurements rather than sizing.. I want to order M but I am not sure if I should go for a L or XL (i hate short tops)

over 8 years ago

soft cuddly fabric and a snarky message = win
after reading reviews, all of them telling me the sizing run on the small side, I got a size L.
should have bought a size M or even a size S as the t-shirt is huge (and interestingly a bit on the short side). no significant shrinkage after washing.

over 6 years ago

nice. i bought the XL…which I am wearing today….next time i’ll get the L…

over 5 years ago

Yup, absolutely loved it for the first 3 months but it seemed to shrink in length during that time. Now I can only wear it as a nightshirt because when I lift my arms, the shirt goes up too! Very comfy material though and I’ve received a lot of conversation about it. ;)