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over 13 years ago

I got mine this week and am wearing it now. Yes it is big, even for me, but I like it that way! I am going to be living in this all winter. Thanks for making larger sizes available.

over 13 years ago

Perfect fit!!! I ordered an XL and it so so nice I think I will wear it everywhere this winter. Thank you for adding the hoodie to the shop. Now I vote for hats also!

over 13 years ago

Very happy with the hoodie, although it is a bit too big. I ordered the 2XL but it must be men’s sizing, judging by the length of the sleeves. It did shrink a little bit after a wash in hot water and trip through the dryer. Still, it’s very nice and cozy and it’s nice to have something that will fit over a heavy sweater for those extra cool days. :)

over 13 years ago

Huzzah! for Casey and Jess for giving us larger sizes and taking the time to consider quality for their branded products.

my hoodie ~~~ 3X~~~ me - 5’6’’ 300 lbs (normal size 3X)

my bust - 56 (with a knit dress, not sucking in my breath, not pulling very snug)

my hips - 60 (with a knit dress, not sucking in my breath, not pulling very snug)

  1. It covers my butt well, and I have a substantial butt.

  2. It allows me to extend my arm fully in front of me and my wrists aren’t exposed - something I really appreciate since I use a scooter often and my arms are forward a lot. The elastic at the wrists is more than sufficient to keep the sleeves from making me look like Dopey in Snow White.

  3. Even though it is sized for men, I can put my hands in the pockets comfortably. I usually can’t do that when I have tried on men’s sizes so I don’t buy them.

  4. The zipper is metal but doesn’t feel like it will jump the tracks. I have to bend over a bit to pick up the bottom when I zip it up, but it is not beyond my reach and the length of the jacket doesn’t make me look dorky.

  5. The hood covers well but is not too huge, I can put it up and it doesn’t come down over my nose.

  6. The logo is well positioned high over the left chest and the embroidery is good quality without hanging threads. Logos on large women’s clothing often ends up somewhere under my left nipple. Not so with this excellent hoodie.

  7. The materiel is substantial but butter soft, not like some hoodies that feel like cardboard. The shade of grey is very deep and rich. Nothing mamby-pamby about it.

  8. I am not in the largest size and am freaking amazed.

I wore it around the house, to Physical Therapy yesterday and today at the Mall and I’m loving it.

Jess and Casey chose well.

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over 13 years ago

I’m sure hoping that smaller sizes in this hoodie get restocked. Like Large…?

over 13 years ago

Wow, Halleluljah!!! a plus size that actually fits in the largest size. Thanks so much to tinkknit for her review of the 3xl hoodie. When I read this I thought she was describing me so I ordered one and it fits great. Sleeves perfect length, pockets very accessible and not too shallow. Also fabric sturdy and has a nice hand. Laurie

over 13 years ago

I got mine last week and it’s my new best hoodie. I ordered a 2X, (my regular size is a ladies 2X) and it fits perfectly. Since it is unisex I did expect the sleeves to be too long - however they are just a little too long, I just turn up the knit cuff and it is fine. Very comfy, roomy, nice length (I’m 5’1”).

over 13 years ago

Got the sweatshirt on 4/23, wore it 4/24, had to wash it because the dye was running.
Washed it in a cold wash, gentle cycle. Dried it in a cool dryer.

Put it on this morning 4/27 and the cuff is separating from the sleeve. Someone remind me WHY I paid $38 for something that is falling apart less than a week after I got it. I won’t be buying any clothing from the mini-mart in the future.

over 13 years ago

I love my hoodie! Will you guys come out with another color - blue, yellow, white, red, green something other than grey for the XL sizes?

over 13 years ago

I purchased the hoodie about 6 weeks ago and fell in love as soon as I put it on! It’s roomy and comfy and oh so soft! LOVE (1 million)!

over 11 years ago

I bought this item in the 3XL because it was the only size available at the time. It was comically large on me and I’m returning it for the unisex style in a 2XL and will hope that works out a bit better. That’s equivalent to going down about 2 sizes so that should tell you how large this one was on me. The shoulder seam was about halfway down my upper arm, the bottom of the hoodie came down well past my butt. It was certainly very comfortable but large enough to the point that I’m willing to take my chances with a smaller size. For reference I am about 5’4”, wear a size 16/18, have a very large bust, wearing around 230 at the moment.

over 11 years ago

I bought my hoodie last winter and it went everywhere with me. It’s substantial and warm enough for any cold weather that the PNW can throw at us, sturdy enough that I never worry about activities (like the dog park leapers and nippers) doing any damage, and feels like being wrapped up in a fairly stylish blanky, kind of like wearing an old boyfriend’s jacket in high school. The only thing I really can’t do while I’m in it is KNIT!!! The blousy cuff catches on my needles and I have to keep pushing them up my arm. But I love my hoodie more than any other outdoor jacket I own. More colors would bring me back to the Rav store with wallet in hand.

over 10 years ago

I got mine last week. I got a 3X; it’s absolutely HUGE & I love it that way! It’s definately true to size, high quality, & really comfortable. If you’re thinking about buying one, DO IT!!

over 10 years ago

Love my sweatshirt! It fits perfectly and is very warm.

over 10 years ago

Love my sweatshirt but the zipper broke after the first wash. bummer.

over 10 years ago

Can I still get the sale price when the sizes come back in????