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over 7 years ago

I just received my shirt last night. The fabric is very comfy -- it is soft and has that really nice worn-in feel to it. It’s also a little stretchy, which I like. The length is a little longer than I was expecting, but since I usually have a problem with shirts being too short it’s not an issue. I can tell this is going to be one of my go-to shirts for the weekend.

over 7 years ago

I received my shirt yesterday, and I second citizenhappy’s comments: the fabric is stretchy & comfy, and the length is a little longer than I thought it would be but not in a problematic way. I love the color, and the seal logo looks great. I think it’s another high-quality Ravelry shirt.

FWIW, I ordered the small size and am 5’8” and 135lbs without a generous bosom. The shirt has a relaxed fit to it, but isn’t overly large or small.

over 7 years ago

I also received my shirt yesterday, and I had to put it on right away. It’s soft, comfy, stretchy, and slightly longer than normal Medium t-shirts, which is wonderful, since I also struggle with shirts being too short sometimes.

This is an amazing shirt, and any Raveler should be proud to own one :)

over 7 years ago

Very fast shipping. I received mine this weekend and immediately put it on. It is sooooo soft, stretchy and comfortable. Best of all the screen print is rocking! I received compliments on it every where I wore it. Funny enough, I got the compliment before they noticed it is a knitters shirt! I would order it again if it came in a different color.

over 7 years ago

I love this shirt!

I ordered an XL (I am a size 18 and 5’10”) and the shirt fits great. Wonderful color and softness. I feel that the length is just fine for me. The shirt washes great and didn’t shrink or fade.

I hope that Rav will carry v-necks by American Apparel in the future as well as more crew necks! :)

over 7 years ago

I have purchased 2 of these and i love them.
The 50/50 blend is what the textile industry refers to as “Vintage” t-shirt blend,because it’s that spft thin cotton that awesome old viontage t’s are made of.
The color is perfectly unisex and it fits very well.I would suggest getting a size smaller that you would normally order(I know with rav shirts you usually want to go a size larger)but since these are unisex go smaller.
I am waiting for the medium to restock but i have ordered two larges and I love them.I like longer shirts,though I may hem these up just a couple inches,which would still put it well past my jeans pockets.But if length is important since flashing belly button isnt really in fashion,than this is the shirt for you.Soft,long,comfy,fits men and women equally well and has the 1 millionth raveler yarn fist silk screened on the front. yum

over 7 years ago

LOVE my shirt! I got an xl, prob should have gotten just a large, but it is so soft and so comfy it has quickly become one of my favs!

over 7 years ago

I thought this image was so COOL and I am a Ravelry addict… I was just waiting for a tshirt to come out. I was so excited I almost bought 2.

Fortunately, I didn’t. The fabric is very thin and flimsy and the image quality is SO poorly done that you can not even see the hand or what it is holding.Total blur

I am not a picky dresser… but this I only wear this to walk to dogs. Really disappointed.

over 7 years ago

Just received my shirt and I love it. It is so soft and comfy. I am 5’9” and 155lbs and a medium fit like a normal t-shirt.

over 7 years ago


I love the color of the t-shirt and design on it. I was so excited to get this. However, the actual t-shirt is like gauze. When I hold it up, I can actually see through it. I had hoped washing it would shrink and thicken it up. Nope. I do not feel comfortable wearing this out in public.

Also, the sizing is wrong. According to the sizing linked to on the main page, I should be an XL. This thing is HUGE on me. Both around the chest and in length.

This shirt is not worth 20 dollars. I really wish I saw wagsmeows review before buying this.

over 7 years ago

I received my shirt last week. I love it! The fabric is comfy, soft, and stretchy. The screen printing is very crisp. I would say that the shirt runs on the smaller side of what men’s shirts generally run. I usually buy an XL in a men’s but went with the XXL on this one since I knew it was AA and their clothing runs on the small side. Fits perfectly and I love the teal-black color!

over 7 years ago

I’m so happy with this shirt! The fabric is as soft as a cloud, although a little thin--but it’s great for summer. The color is really nice too! It fits nice and baggily. I’ll be wearing this one often.

over 7 years ago

My absolute favorite shirt now! Soooo comfy-50% combed cotton/50% polyester. Love the indigo blue color, and cute logo. Thin and stretchy-perfect for summer or layering. I totally recommend this one! I hope they’ll consider making more Ravelry shirts with this kind of material. Love it!

over 7 years ago

haha whenever i see ‘ravelry seal t shirt’ i think of the logo as being a ravelry seal (animal)

over 7 years ago

My shirt just arrived this afternoon and I am already wearing it! I’m so glad I jumped to order one when I got the re-stock notice.

I love the color and the fabric is soft and lightweight but not flimsy. Perfect for hot humid days in the Gulf Coast area. I was afraid that a Large might be too small (I normally wear a men’s L/women’s XL - chest measurement is 43”) since I’ve had issues with American Apparel sizing. I usually have to go with a XXL in AA shirts but this shirt fits perfectly! It is fitted enough not to look sloppy but I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage in it. And, it has real sleeves for those of us that prefer a little extra coverage in the upper arm area.

Please use this shirt base for more Rav rockin’ shirts!!!

over 7 years ago

Love this shirt - the colour is even nicer than I thought it would be, and I love having the odd really fine and stretchy T-shirt. The length is nice, too; it’s sort of like a tunic on me.

over 7 years ago

I live in Australia. I ordered an XS Oct 5 and never recieved it although ravelry confirmed that it had been sent but they sent me another one on Nov 14 which arrived today (Nov 28)! I am very happy for the excellent customer service.

The color ‘black aqua’ is a dark spruce green but very nice.

I am 5’ 2”, about 130lb, and 75 inch bust. In XS the shoulders fit exactly right and around the bust as well. Ok, my tummy pokes out a little but that’s because I’m a bit apple shaped that way but the shirt is not tight around there. The length is longish which is good. Soft fabric and not see through. Haven’t wash it yet.

Awesome design. Wearing it right now!

over 6 years ago

I LOVE this shirt. It’s such an unusual color: sort of a dark muted teal. It looks and feels properly “broken in.” The only drawback is that it’s slightly thin and I worry it would be see-through, so I tend to put a camisole or another shirt underneath it. Still a great buy! So glad I got it. :)

over 6 years ago


  1. the color
  2. the logo
  3. the fabric (actually prefer “thinner” fabric for layering and overall comfort) - I do NOT find this shirt to be see through…
  4. length (HATE little cropped shirts)


  1. the crewneck - actually feel like it’s choking me and plan to dust off my sewing machine to alter the neck. Wearing the shirt as I post this review and the neck is driving me nuts.
over 6 years ago

Just got my shirt the other day and I am super excited to wear it! Fabric is soft and oh so comfy! I ordered a medium, which fits me a little slouchy but we will see how it washs up! :) yay!

over 6 years ago

Very soft, warm, and comfy! Feels like you’ve had it forever, except in the good way! It will easily slide into your top 3 favorite t’s!

over 6 years ago

I got this shirt last week and I didn’t want to take it off. Everything you read about the sizing is pretty much spot on. I ordered a smaller size than I normally would have in American Apparel. Their women’s sizing is notoriously wonky, but unisex was better than usual. I ordered a medium and it’s a perfect fit. Fitted without being clingy, and while slightly long in the torso (I’m short waisted and big boobed) it’s wonderful. Thanks ever so much!

over 6 years ago

I received my shirt more than a month ago and it is an instant favourite. I have worn and washed it many times. It is soft and comfy and a nice fit. Life has been pretty stressful the last month and this is the first shirt I go for when I just want to get dressed and out the door in a flash ‘cause I know I will be comfortable and look cool. Thanks Rav!

over 6 years ago

Love this shirt! Be sure to check out the size charts. I usually wear 1x women’s, and the XXL is way too big on me. Ordered the XL too and it fits great. Fitted enough to not look too sloppy, but not so tight that I feel self-conscious. I wear the XXL for yoga, so my butt stays covered in downward dog. Ha ha. :) The shirt is pretty long, like many of this brand, but I guess that’s “trendy” now. The fabric is fairly thin, but I don’t feel like it’s see-through or anything. They are super soft and some of my favorite shirts. I’ve washed them every week for months, and they still look great.

over 6 years ago

I got this tshirt last year. I just love it! It’s one of my favorites! I am thinking about ordering another one. I think that the quality is much nicer than other shirts that I have purchased in the past. I would highly recommend! Plus the design is super cool! :)

over 6 years ago

love this shirt!! ordered on a Friday and received on Tuesday, the color is a blueish tinted grey to my eyes- its definitley more blue/grey than the AA hooded swearshirt. it’s soft, comfy and has room in all the right spots without looking sloppy. ordered XL because I always go a size up to compensate for shrinking and it washed beautifully for me. thanks ravelry for getting great quality products for us to show off our love.

over 6 years ago

got my shirt and wow, do i love it. it’s form fitted but very stretchy. i love the length of the sleeves too as they are longer than a lot of short sleeves which is more flattering on larger upper arms. LOVE! Gretel or River Tam?

over 6 years ago

It is soft and comfy but insanely long! I am 5ft 3in and a size M hangs down past my booty!

over 5 years ago

I just got my shirt yesterday and I love it!! It’s super comfortable and not at all see-through as some people have mentioned. The only thing I would change is the neck is a tiny bit tight, but hey, I could stand to lose five pounds, so it’s not a big deal =]

over 5 years ago

I love my shirt and wear it often. It’s not a heavyweight fabric, it’s a lightweight tee but not flimsy. Overall it’s so very comfortable and well made.

over 5 years ago

Very nice t-shirt :) Ordered a size L, but would probably be ok with M I think. I’m 5’7” and I like that the shirt is long ! Soft, not body-clinging (I’m not very “busty”;) and long enough :)

over 5 years ago

Woohoo! Got my T shirt yesterday, took only 6 days from US to little ole NZ. Love love love it! Love the colour and oh so soft as well. My Other Half saw it and was most impressed by the styling, print, colour..

The sizing is pretty generous, went for XXL as Winter Is Coming here in NZ (hehehe) so I can layer it with long sleeves underneath…so nice to have something that isn’t TIGHT across the bust. Having said that, maybe a XL would be fine?

Awesome work Ravelry!

over 5 years ago

I don’t remember if I wrote a review for this shirt, I bought 2 of them back when they first came out in 2011.
I love them! They are soft and perfect,they fit like one of your boyfriends perfectly broken in vintage T-shirts. These definitely run big so I would go down one size if you want a women’s classic long t- shirt fit and perhaps two sizes if you want it to be a slightly more fitted shirt.
I love this shirt :) Ravelry pride!

over 4 years ago

I love this shirt! I was concerned after reading reviews here that it would be freakishly long and the neck would strangle me- but it’s fine! I’m 5’3 and weigh 128 lbs, and I ordered a medium just to have it roomy. It’s just how I wanted it. It is long-ish, but not so long that it bothers me. And the neck is high and tight, so if this bothers you, it’s something to consider. But the color, the print, the softness of the tee- it’s all perfect. It’s already my new favorite shirt. More! More!

over 2 years ago

I wear it often. Always gets comments from the “in crowd” aka knitters. Comfortable material, good sizing for those of us who never did nor ever will fit into Jr sizes-who does?!

3 months ago

I ordered two back in the day! Soft, fit great on me and my mama! PLZ make MORE AGAIN SOON! 9/5/2018