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over 7 years ago


over 7 years ago

Where’s the “LOVE” button?!

over 7 years ago

Adorable! Almost makes me want to get pregnant just so I can have one. :)

over 7 years ago

My size is sold out all ready! Will have to score one when it is restocked!

over 7 years ago

Cute, but man, these run small. The XL is only up to a 40” bust. Sorry, but my pregnancy hormones have done a much bigger number on my bust size than that!

over 7 years ago

This is so awesome! I may have to purchase one:-) Hopefully they will be back in stock so I have time to wear it before baby is born!!

over 7 years ago

I want one!
Just wondering if you thought of making some that are bigger than XL. I know in a month or more I will be more like 1x.

over 7 years ago

Any chance of larger sizes (XXL or 1X) for us bigger mamas-to-be?

over 7 years ago

Darn it!! I’ve been waiting for these forever!! I’m due right about when you are, Jess. By the time they come back I might not be pregnant anymore. Boooooo!!!

Plus, my bust has increased a lot. I used to wear a medium but I think the XL might be barely big enough. Bigger sizes would be wise for preggo ladies.

over 7 years ago

Very cute! And Jess, you look adorable. Would love to see some plus sizes.

over 7 years ago

please on the bigger size. 2x would be nice….

over 7 years ago

I want one for my friend who is pregnant with triplets. Hope they restock soon!

over 7 years ago

amazing and fab! any chance of another colour other than red..? clashes with the hair :( blue or green would be nice.

over 7 years ago

Okay, that is just too cute!! :)

over 7 years ago

If you’re re-ordering, can I add a shout to the ladies who are requesting larger sizes? My my pregnant body won’t fit into a 40” bust anymore! I’d need at least a 46”, though I LOVE the long tunic style!

over 7 years ago

I ordered mine right away and ordered an XL. The L was sold out already and there were only a few of the others left. Anyway, the XL runs much bigger than the usual American Apparel stuff you usually stock. XL is usually a little tight on me, but this shirt is quite comfortable and roomy. (All my maternity clothes are large/extra large.) I’m 24 weeks now, and I’m thinking that in another 4 weeks the “wip” design should fit exactly over my belly as desiged. It is a very comfortable shirt and I can’t wait to wear it out somewhere knitty!

over 7 years ago


but i would possibly love it a lot more if there were larger sizes & more color options!!

I know fiestyirishwench mentioned a friend PG with trips… any plans for more than one ball of yarn?

over 7 years ago

Agree with the other Mamma’s- I would love to see some 2x stocked. Those of us who have WIP’s and are Xl to begin with are only expanding….

over 7 years ago

when oh when are you getting more in? I have been checking daily.

over 7 years ago

Well, I was going to order one for a friend, but the XL was sold out. Then before they were restocked, we discovered she’s baking more than one. Any chance you can add even bigger sizes for the girls who are plus size or have a 50 inch belly at week 15 because there are THREE little WIPs in there?

over 7 years ago

Just got my WIP shirt today and I love it!!

For those of you wondering about sizing…
My bust and baby bump appear to be both 41” right now (ha ha). The XL is not fitted on me… but also not too big. (I would describe the way Jess is wearing it as “fitted” around the bust.) I believe someone with a 42-44” chest could wear it without the shirt looking too small at the bust. And there is lots of room for the baby bump to grow!

over 7 years ago

Sooo freakin’ Cute!

over 7 years ago

how cool, i’m 25 wks and i’d love one so let me know when you have more M in stock!

over 7 years ago

OH. Em. Gee!

over 7 years ago

LOVE IT!!! I wish I was preggie to get it!!!

over 7 years ago

I love it!

over 7 years ago

Love it but I too would like it in a 1x or so.

over 7 years ago

wish I had seen this before I popped in April. Very cute.

over 7 years ago

OMG I wish I saw this when I first got pregnant. Only a month left and the post office is on strike, so there’s no point now :(

over 7 years ago

Love this shirt I am due in October I hope they come back in stock!! I agree that Blue or green shirts would be nice too but red works too!

over 6 years ago

what does wip stand for?

over 6 years ago

Super cool! I hope it’ll be back in stock soon?

over 6 years ago

Any idea when these will be in stock again?

over 6 years ago

i want one! I’m 16 weeks and would love to get this shirt!

over 6 years ago

I’m not even pregnant right now and I want one!

over 6 years ago

Man… I’ve been WAITING for these to come in, and just as I’m adding it to my shopping cart it sells out. PLEASE get more in ASAP!

over 6 years ago

Just discovered this cute tee! But I gave birth just 4 months ago…It will be for the next;)

over 6 years ago

The only reason why I would not wear this shirt is that in Dutch, ‘wip’ is a term for that which can result in pregnancy! :P

over 6 years ago

Holy cannoli, sold out already! I’ve only got 10 weeks left ;)

over 6 years ago

OMG! How did I not know about this? I’m expecting number 6 in April so I seriously hope these will be back in stock ASAP :)

over 6 years ago

I am seriously going to cry if all of these are gone before payday (tomorrow)….

over 6 years ago

anyone else order a large and not get it? apparently they were sold out but still listed in stock…check in with customer service if you havent already just fyi!

over 6 years ago

So cute! If you move the logo to another spot, some of the rest of us might buy it also :). I think I’m still a WIP myself.

over 6 years ago

Wish I would have seen these when I was pregnant. How freakin’ cute!!

over 6 years ago

Really hoping you’re still planning on restocking!! I’ve got three months left :)

over 6 years ago

Hanging out for the re-stock here as well - would love to get one of these and missed out last time!

over 6 years ago

For any women still wanting this shirt when it becomes available again, keep in mind that it is a very thin shirt. Granted many pregnant women tend to roast most of the time (I know I do!). I love mine and it makes me feel like I’m actually pregnant (15 weeks tomorrow) instead of just looking fat. And it will be even cuter once I have a more noticeable bump.

over 6 years ago

This is a super cute t-shirt! It fits TTS. I have a 36” bust and the medium fit perfectly (with a tiny bit of room to spare). I wore it to the Taos Wool Festival and received lots of comments/compliments!

over 6 years ago

Just bought this for my sister! :D

over 6 years ago

I need to get pregnant again just so I can wear this shirt! It’s so adorable! Great tee!

over 6 years ago

love it.

over 6 years ago

I think the shirt runs a tad small. I’m a medium/large at 33 weeks, I bought the large, and it’s tight as a glove. I am over the moon happy about having one though, so I don’t care!

over 6 years ago

I just received one I ordered for my daughter ages ago, and although per the sizing chart the size L would give her (and her bump!) room to grow, the shoulders are so narrow I almost think the size tag is a mistake! I’m a 34” bust with no bump, and the shirt is stretched to the max on me. I can’t give it to my daughter, she’d cry that she couldn’t fit in it!

over 6 years ago

Ordered this shirt Saturday, got it in the mail today, and I live in Denmark; talk about amazing shipping! The feel of this is amazing, don’t know if I ever want to take it off. I am normally a medium but this is just on the edge of being tight. I am hoping it will last all the way through (I am 2 months now) so we will have to see :) VERY happy and would reccomend to others.

over 6 years ago

So bloody cute! OMG! I think I may have to order one, then either save it for when we’re pregnant or if that never happens, give it to one of my pregnant girlfriends! Too fun!

over 6 years ago

This shirt is great, really nice color and soft material.

Two things to know:

  1. It is a very thin material, plan to wear something underneath

  2. It is not a maternity shirt and it fits snugly so definitely give serious though to ordering a size up. I have plenty of room in a size L maternity shirt but I needed an XL in this top for sure.

So cute and I love wearing it. Even non-knitters compliment me on it!

over 6 years ago

So comfortable

over 6 years ago

LOVE this shirt! Please re-stock! Don’t discontinue until after I get pregnant at least! :)

over 6 years ago

I love this shirt! I normally (pre-pregnancy) was an XL with a 42” bust. This shirt is fitted, without being too clingy, and the length is a dream to cover my 36-weeks belly! Such a comfy shirt, in fact, that after I got this one 2 weeks ago, I went to the manufacturing company website, and got 2 more t-shirts of the same style. Definitely a win!

over 6 years ago

I absolutely love it!!!

over 6 years ago

Another request for expanded sizes! It sounds like you would sell a lot if you offered them.

over 6 years ago

Really, really wishing this came in a 2XL! Why Ravelry?! Why?!?

over 6 years ago

Oh please restock the smalls!!! Or even an extra small just for me! I’m 15 weeks along and would LOVE one of these shirts!!!!

over 6 years ago

Genius! :)

over 6 years ago

So adorable…wish I’d seen it a year ago :)

over 6 years ago

are you ever getting more??

over 6 years ago

I LOVE this!! I will be getting one soon, once my bump starts to show :D

over 6 years ago

Wish they’d had this when I was pregnant… so cute!

over 6 years ago

Aww!! I wish I had seen this months ago! We have less than a month left. I am so going straight to this shirt next time!

over 6 years ago

should have seen this a year ago… guess my family plans are not set yet ;) should tell my hubby about it!

over 6 years ago

I saw this shirt right after I found out I was pregnant, but it was out of stock. I’m thrilled it’s back! After reading the reviews that it runs a little small I ordered a Medium and I’m happy I did. It fits perfectly. I normally wear XS or S, but I think if I had ordered this in a Small it would have been tight in the arms and chest. The Medium fits perfectly and I love the shirt!

over 6 years ago

This is so cute!!!

Although I did read it as ‘urp’ first, which still seemed appropriate…wip is much betteR :D

over 6 years ago

Love mine! I normally wear a size small/medium, but I ordered a Large because my chest area expands alarmingly during pregnancy (B to DD) and I wanted the shirt to fit comfortably all the way to the Finished end.

image title

Here in this pic I have three months still to go. It’s fitted in the chest and has plenty of room for expansion in the belly. Hope that helps for reference!

over 6 years ago

Love the shirt! sizing runs Small - I usually wear a small and I will have to exchange for a large… But great shirt!

over 6 years ago

Wearing this around some non-knitting friends the other day one thought it stood for “Woman is pregnant” which I thought was hilarious.

Shirt is long and stretchy, wish I’d gotten a smaller size actually.

over 6 years ago

I just got mine! I ordered a medium and it fits a little tight around my HUGE pregnant boobs. haha. My measurements are: 36”(f cup)-28” high waist -34” low waist(and growing!) The fabric is thin and soft and a really pretty shade of red! I can see myself wearing this shirt a LOT! If you want to see a pic, its my profile picture.

over 6 years ago

Would be really awesome if there were larger size options than an XL. Especially since this shirt apparently runs small. Pregnant=bigger! :o)

over 6 years ago

I bought this t-shirt to show off my bump and I love it. I was a small before, so I bought a medium. I’m 19 weeks and it fits great with lots of growing room. Comfy cotton. Very good purchase!
Baby Bump

over 6 years ago

Side view so you can see just how much baby is in this t-shirt.Baby Bump

over 6 years ago

Love my WIP shirt! I wear it allllll the time, and never fail to get a comment on it when I’m out. It’s nice and long, which is great since a lot of my other maternity shirts are starting to gap at the bottom :(

This is me at 39 weeks pregnant in a size medium (I usually wear small but opted to go up a size for this shirt…) It’s just too cute!!


over 6 years ago

So cute

over 6 years ago

This is the best preggo shirt ever. I got one for my friend who was baking twins and she was able to wear the shirt the entire 39 weeks of her pregnancy and it still covered all her belly!! And it’s super adorable!

over 6 years ago

Pregnancy shirt

Bought this super cute pregnancy shirt in a “Small” and absolutely love it! It’s very comfortable and stretchy :) I used this shirt to announce our pregnancy here:

over 5 years ago

I saw this shirt & I had to have it! I’ll confess, I’m not pregnant … yet :p But I just love it & know that the awesome stuff in the rav store sells out so fast. I know I will wear it lots when I do have my own wip going :)

over 5 years ago

just got mine. So awesome! Since I live in Montréal, where most knitters use french pattern, I’ll have to explain the ‘’wip’’, but it worth it!
Really confortable and strechy, but you guys should really consider bigger size (which future mom, who has gained at least 20 ponds, will wear Small……?)

over 5 years ago

Just got my LARGE shirt in the mail. It fits exactly the way I wanted.
Now before ordering it, I read all these reviews to try to get a sense of what size I should order. I want to leave a useful review as well to help others (I hope it does).
I’m 5’4”, 125#, bust with a shirt on is 38”, upper arm circumference is 10 1/2”. My size is usually small but when ordering shirts online, I get a medium to play it safe. I could see by the picture that this shirt was snug (all over & around the arms). I prefer a bit of room around the arms. After much consideration, I ordered the large. SO GLAD I DID. This shirt does fit snug (all over). It is a long tunic style made from stretchy fabric (it can stretch past my butt). The material is soft, thin/light & a lovely red color. The arm cuff is lightly fitted but not tight, I can easily stick fingers in.
I would order this shirt again & in this size. My suggestion: definitely order a size larger than what you would normally get, unless you like a very snug fit.
Happy yarning & good luck with those “WIPs”! :-)

over 5 years ago

I ordered this shirt in an XL, which was my pre pregnancy size. I was worried that it would fit too tight in the bust (I have always been larger in that area), but it fits perfect with plenty of belly room! I have gotten MANY comments on it as well. Also, I am only 22 weeks, but I have a larger belly, and this just helps make my belly look more round! :)

over 5 years ago

would love it if they were offered in plus sizes too! :)

over 5 years ago

Just got my WIP shirt in the mail (I’m 24 weeks) and love it!

Use the size chart from Alternative Apparel - it seems to work great. I measured 39” around the bust when I ordered so I got an XL and it fits perfectly. This shirt is very long and I have some growing room in the belly, so I have no doubt it will fit to the end of pregnancy.


I’m happy that I got the XL, the shirt runs really small. Nevertheless i love it and can’t wait to wear it! Sadly the company doesn’t seem to offer this style of shirt anymore, I would have loved to get one or two additional ones.

over 5 years ago

Cute if you have a tiny belly or aren’t pregnant. But it isn’t a maternity shirt just a long stretchy shirt so it won’t fit once you have any kind of belly grow in the upstairs. Probably ok if you are 6-15 weeks pregnant as long as you don’t grow before that. Note NOT A MATERNITY SHIRT!!!!

over 5 years ago

LOVED this shirt. Towards the end, even my pregnancy shirts weren’t long enough to really cover my belly. It is just a long tunic shirt. Bought it in M. Lots of compliments and comments as people were trying to figure out what wip meant. I bought it before I was preggers with #2 just bc it was so cute! I was on the smaller belly end, I guess. 5’6”. 150lbs at 40 wks pregnant, to give anyone interested some data before buying. I looked like I had a basketball under my shirt. It was by far, my favorite thing to wear. Thank goodness I had a summer baby.

over 5 years ago

wish they had these in bigger sizes for those of us with a big big BIG bump!

over 5 years ago

My Mom bought this for me for Christmas and I LOVE it! This is probably the cutest maternity shirt I’ve ever seen!

over 5 years ago

This shirt runs small! Definitely order a size up. Or even two sizes up. I am normally a medium and the large I would say is a more like a snug medium. LOVE it though. So cute.

over 5 years ago

I LOVE this shirt! I normally wear an xs/s but I went with a medium to make sure I can wear this shirt to the end. I’m 32 weeks and it fits great, it’s extra long so it should last me for the next 8 weeks. I’ve gotten so many compliments, too!

over 5 years ago

I love this shirt! I am a large-busted xs/s. I ordered a medium and am thrilled. Here is a picture at 40.5 weeks pregnant - a perfect fit, even now! I am so glad I was able to snag one of these.

image title

over 5 years ago

Received my tee today and I love it. I normall take size S/M, bought L in this and it fits perfectly! I’m only 7 weeks along at the moment but it has room left for belly and boobs!
However, I was less than impressed with the shop service this time. Before, the shipping for a tee was roughly $8 and the delivery time to Europe was less than a week. Now it was $14 and 3 weeks. :(

over 5 years ago

Really, can’t this be made is up to size 4xl, there are alot of women out there who are already and XL when they get pregnant….or 2xl……I am very frustrated with not seeing more cool stuff I could wear! I“m not pregnant now, but plannong on #2 later in the year!
HELP< make larger sizes!!!

over 5 years ago

super cute!!

over 5 years ago

Super cute shirt, very soft. I’m a size 18, so I ordered the XL hoping it might fit. Nope, not even close. Ravelry, PLEASE make pregnancy shirts in larger sizes! Many women already have to go up a size or two while pregnant, so help us bigger girls out! :)

over 4 years ago

This is awesome! I wish I would’ve found this a year ago when I was pregnant! Maybe for next time. =:-]

over 4 years ago

67% of American women are considered to be plus-size. Only 17% of the retail clothing market is made up of plus-size clothing. I think it’s awesome that Ravelry offers great things like this shirt; but not having plus sizes is a really big deal, and something that needs to be corrected.

over 4 years ago

I bought a Small and almost cried when I saw just how small it was. HOWEVER, it has stretched. I weighed 122 pre-pregnancy and have gained 41 pounds now by my 37th week and the shirt still fits. I do wear a tank underneath as I fear it has become a tad more transparent as belly grows, though.
If I were to do it over again, I think a Medium would have been perhaps better, but I don’t feel I wasted money by buying the Small.

over 4 years ago

Really sad we can’t get these any more. I wanted to by a large or extra large. :(

over 4 years ago

Why oh Why can’t these be re-ordered? I am SO bummed. Desperately wanted one of these.

over 4 years ago

Ah man. Now that I am finally, FINALLY pregnant I was going to order one of these shirts. No love for us new mamas to be.

over 4 years ago

It really IS very sad that these can’t be re-ordered anymore :( I LOVE wearing mine and my hubby loves it too!! :D
Here are two WIPs in one pic ;)
Frozen Rain (Test)

over 4 years ago

Any chance that these are going to come back into stock? I would really love to get one made up. And maybe in a large, or xl???? PLEASEEEEEE

over 2 years ago

Any chance of a similar shirt coming out soon?? We’re finally TTC and I would love one so much!

21 months ago

I got it years ago and I can finally wear it!! grinning

Dog Park Cardigan

It’s too bad they are not available anymore, I posted this photo on IG and a lot of people asked where they could get one!

11 months ago

PLEASE bring this top back in stock!