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Onward Knits is a collection of knitting patterns inspired by the Wellington Railway Station.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Beanie, Toque
With a school of fish chasing each other around the brim and a wide lace band that reminds me of Scandinavian ski hats, it’s only natural to call this hat ‘Fisk’ - the Norwegian word for fish.
Knitting: Accessory
A quick knit using left over yarn, the Puppy Santa Hat is the perfect prop for Christmas photos or a present for a dog-lover. The brim and pom pom are made in 8ply yarn, giving them a bit of bulk, while the body of the hat is knit in 4ply, allowing the hat to flop nicely. Easily adapted to any size of dog.
Knitting: Coffee / Tea Pot
This tea cosy pattern is adaptable to fit nearly all sizes and shapes of teapot. The use of ribbing means the cosy stretches where it needs to, but also pulls in to hug the teapot and won’t roll up at around the bottom. Although the pattern is written for an 8 ply yarn, advice is given for making substitutions.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This pattern is super easy, super quick and super warm! It’s written for an 8ply yarn worked double, but you could easily substitute a 14ply.
Crochet: Electronics Cozy
This chunky laptop clutch fits a fairly large laptop (about 38 x 26 x 30mm). Quick and easy, single crochet stitches are worked into front and back loops to create the pattern.
Knitting: Clutch