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Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
My Father-in-law and my husband are both named Joe, and to tell them apart the kids started calling them “Our Joe” and “Old Joe”. They have a lot in common besides their names, and a love of simple but elegant handknit socks tops the list. These socks were Old Joe’s Christmas present. He loved them, and I loved knitting them. The pattern is simp...
Knitting: Mittens
Cloisoneé (cloy-son-nay) is a decorating technique, usually for metalwork, that starts with little compartments that are then filled with enamel or gemstones. I don’t know why, but the whole time I was knitting these, it was all I could think of. These mittens knit up way faster than they seem like they would - partly because they’re worsted wei...
Knitting: Booties
Earlier this year a rash of babies broke out, and I had to replenish my bootie box. (I keep a few pairs of booties on hand at all times. Despite nine months of notice, it still seems to me like some babes come out of nowhere, and booties are a perfect gift every time. They are a supernova of cuteness knit in bright colours, with pom-poms on the ...
Knitting: Scarf, Cowl
This circle scarf was the result of a personal search for a perfect winter accessory. It’s pretty, fast, easy, versatile, worked in the round, and - most importantly to me, completely reversible. The pattern is based on four reversible stitch patterns, repeated in blocks of ten stitches, tiled over the whole project.
Knitting: Cowl
This cowl is- I think, a very pretty thing. In fact, I think that’s so true that I couldn’t think of any other name for it.