Tara Miller

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Knitting: Beanie, Toque
You will need a pom-pom maker for the cherry on top.
Knitting: Cardigan, Coat / Jacket
I woke up one day with a picture of this jacket in my head, color and everything. It looked a bit like Coco Chanel but I am definitely more casual than Ms. Chanel so I nixed the fancy bits, added ties and Voila, the Abercorn Jacket! With a determination to not heed the siren call of mom jeans, it has been a goal to spice up my wardrobe with cla...
Knitting: Costume
I created this hat for my daughter who has recently falling in love with Shrek. This modeled version was knit for her 3rd birthday and had become a daily staple. I added a short row in the ear to create more of a Shrek ear shape so be careful when you add the ear to make sure they both face front.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Knitting: Pullover
Knitting: Cowl
Fit to be tied. This cabled cowl can be adjusted to keep out the bitter cold or tie it loose on warmer days. You can wear your Braided Ribbon Cowl as scarf or an cowl with the chic bow in front or in back, letting the cable be the star.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
This pattern was inspired by the yarn. The vibrant colors and interesting color name: Bollywood. I imagined intricate windows with ornate lattice work (the mesh lace stitch) and wild, elegant birds, like ostriches and peacocks (the feather lace border). The Bollywood Shawl was born. This is a fun, quick knit. The lace is delicate but not consum...
Knitting: Clutch
Errors: repeat rows 6-9 until piece measures 5”
Knitting: Cloche Hat
Once I donned this hat my husband told me that it reminded him of a flappers hat. Thus the name Speak Easy was a shoe-in. With a lacey, scalloped edge and a spiraling rib, this hat is warm and sassy at the same time
Knitting: Sleeveless Top
Knitting: Mittens
I came up with this tasty idea when registering for my soon-to-be little one. Since the baby will be born in late Jan (fingers crossed) or early Feb, it will be really cold, even in Ga. I wanted to stock up on little mittens since I love to be outside and I know if my hands get cold so will the little one’s. I could not find any really good mit...
Knitting: Scarf
Knitting: Accessories - Other
Let me introduce my newest knitting pattern, The Freezer Burn Belly Band. Since the discovery of my pregnancy and the onslaught of products that family and friends sent me, I knew I wanted to make most of it for myself. This included Belly Bands (Bella Bands ), which have been great. I used this tutorial to make my own from old tshirts but I kn...
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves