Shehla Ahmed

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Throw, Bedspread
This pattern is just a simple chevron design that’s easy to replicate, and you can make it in any size you like, but the finished item from this pattern is 6.5 x 7 feet. It fits a queen sized bed. This throw uses only half double crochets (HDCs) to make, and it’s very easy to get the chevron design. I used warm, earthy colors for this Mocha Ripp...
Crochet: Baby Blanket
This is a simple baby blanket that I whipped up really quickly, and then I added a special bobble border to give it more personality. This blanket is stroller sized (but can easily be made larger or smaller) and it’s perfect for moms and babies on the go. I made this for a nephew and he loves holding onto the bobbles while he sleeps :)
Crochet: Animal Toy
After crocheting a Charizard and designing a Snorlax for my nephews, I made this Articuno for my niece. It’s one of the 3 legendary bird pokemon and although it looks complicated, the parts are simple. It’s constructed of mostly single crochet and half double crochets, and each part is made separately, then seamed together. Because t...
Knitting: Cowl, Beanie, Toque
This PDF contains TWO patterns to complete the set. This beanie and cowl set will keep little ones warm and looking so cute! The panda beanie is worked from a simple base pattern and then the eyes and ears are attached at the end. The cowl is made thick and squishy with Herringbone stitch to add texture, and a separate (optional) mouth piece is ...
Crochet: Beret, Tam, Hats - Other
Inspired by my dad’s “Friday Hat”, this is a pattern for a slouchy hat with a flat top. It’s simple to construct and can be made in less than an hour. I used black yarn to make it more neutral but it can also be made in several other colors to give it a more fun and crazy look. This would look really cool in a multicolore...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This is a super simple ribbed beanie that’s perfect for beginners. It’s worked in the round, but could also be worked flat, involves no shaping and is made so that one size fits all.
Knitting: Booties
These are super simple knitted booties. They’re made using stockinette and garter stitch to create two versions of the bootie with the same pattern.
Crochet: Scarf
This is a pattern for the Lemonade scarf, a chunky textured scarf. It’s worked up really quickly using super bulky yarn and 15mm crochet hook. The pattern is also available on my blog, with a video tutorial on how to make the star stitch, the main stitch in the pattern.
Crochet: Hats - Other
Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the hat, this crocheted hat is so fun and easy to make! The pattern PDF includes step by step instructions and basic stitches to create this topsy turvy hat kids will love.
Crochet: Doll
This leprechaun toy is easy to make, uses mostly single crochet and can be made in about a day or toy. Perfect for around St. Patrick’s Day and suitable for beginners (this was my first doll!). You can get the pattern for free on my blog, or purchase the inexpensive ad-free pattern here and support me!
Knitting: Baby Blanket
This chevron baby blanket would be a great gift to give anyone with a baby or toddler. It’s knit up using a really simple pattern that repeats, and you can change the colors however you want. You can also make the chevron baby blanket in different sizes and customize it however you like! After knitting the blanket, I added a fleece lining to mak...
Knitting: Gloves, Convertible Gloves
The Fairy Tale convertible gloves are fingerless gloves with an added flap that closes to cover the fingers if you want. The pattern comes in several sizes, ranging from kids (8-10yrs) through adult women’s sizes. They are made with one main body color and a band on colorwork across the middle of the hands and on the top of the cap. The ha...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
The Fairy Tale Beanie is a perfect for beginners to knitting. It’s made with a simple ribbing for the brim, a basic texture for the body, and very minimal shaping (almost none, really). A nice big pompom finishes it off. It’s made to fit kids and several adult sizes. The color options are endless, and I pictured two to show you how d...
Crochet: Baby Blanket
This hexagon baby blanket is an easy project to work up if you don’t mind seaming. All of the hexagons can be made quickly and easily, and then the main part of the pattern is attaching them and the fleece lining. You can make more hexagons to make it larger or fewer hexagons to make it smaller.
Crochet: Softies - Other
This is a pattern for a realistic crocheted heart I made. I looked at simplified models of the heart to get the shapes and parts right, and then joined them together. It’s all SC and very easy to follow along with. Loads of pictures in the PDF!
Crochet: Animal Toy
This is the pattern for the crocheted Snorlax in his sleeping pose. To make this, it’s easiest to crochet all the pieces first, then sew them all together in the end. I also made a Masterball to go along with him, and you can find the pattern for the Pokeballs on my website, I just changed the colors and added two...
Crochet: Animal Toy, Softies - Other
This is a pattern for the THREE nature spirits from My Neighbor Totoro. The PDF includes patterns for Totoro, Chu, and Chibi. The largest one is about 8 inches tall and the smallest in about 2 inches tall. The bodies are all made in one piece, and then the other features are added on top. They each take less than 2 hours to make (the smaller one...
Crochet: Animal Toy
This is a pattern for a large giraffe toy, about 2.5 feet tall when seated. The full size is about 3.75 feet from the top of his head to the end of his feet. It’s made in separate pieces, then seamed together in the end. It takes a few days to make, but it makes a wonderful gift that everyone will love.
Crochet: Animal Toy
This is the pattern for a crocheted version of an elephant I knitted years ago. When I first learned to knit, I made elephants and gave them to friends and family as gifts. It became a little tradition of mine. So, when I started my blog, I called it The Blue Elephants as a reminder of how much I love crochet, giving gifts and best of all, shari...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This is a cabled beanie that involves colorwork techniques. It’s Harry Potter inspired and based off the character of James Potter and his stag form. I used Gryffindor colors and create the horns of the stag with simple cables. It’s a pretty simple piece, but a little fiddly. As long as you can work with cables and stranded knitting,...