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Knitting: Yarmulke
A special cap for thinking … I’m thinking of peace, of reasoning and reasonable-ness, of rational Judaism and a just and lasting peace in Israel & Palestine. Whether you call it a kippah or yarmulke, kufi, or skullcap, wearing it just might bring greater understanding into your life.
Knitting: Softies - Other
Preparing for Passover is always an exciting process, wherever one places oneself along the continuum of Jewish practice. Traditionally, in the weeks before Pesach, Jews carefully rid their homes of chametz, last year’s leavened bread and other prohibited foods, so that we neither eat nor possess them during the holiday week. This tradition is ...
Knitting: Home - Other
The Exodus as a metaphor - and the extensive history of Passover observance - speak volumes to me about Jewish experience of living in the world, about a history of anti-Semitism, and Jewish response to it. I can connect to Passover tradition as a creative response to the challenges of persecution since late antiquity.
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
Piano keyboard-like waves evoke the musical etudes of Chopin and others on stranded mittens.
Knitting: Softies - Other
This is one of a series of Patterns for Peacebuilders, and is available for a nominal contribution to any of several mid-east peace-building organizations. More information can be found here.
Knitting: Scarf
This pattern contains individual charts for all the principal and final letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Worked sequentially in fingering or DK yarn, you will be able to make an alef-bet scarf. With a couple of hanks of lace-weight or fingering yarn, you can use the charts to incorporate names and prayers into a special baby blanket, tallit or c...
Knitting: Earrings
Pattern includes suggestions for materials and substitutions, along with detailed illustrations for construction of earrings or pendants.
Knitting: Decorative - Other
Patterns available on my Etsy shop. Proceeds from the sale of this pattern are donated to the New Israel Fund.
Knitting: Yarmulke
Perhaps it’s the artist-musician in me, but I’ve often responded to the opening lines of Genesis aurally and visually:
Knitting: Yarmulke
Among the stories the Talmud offers for the practice of wearing the kippah is that of, Rabbi Huna the son of Rabbi Joshua never walked 4 cubits (2 meters) with his head uncovered. His explanation for this commitment to cover? “Because the Shekhina (Divine Presence) is always over my head” (Talmud, Kiddushin 32a).
Knitting: Ornamental Flower
Thanks for your interest in the TikkunTree Cabled-Coexistence Leaf Pattern.