Yarn Indulgences

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Accessories - Other
Use this mask mate to tie back the elastic face masks behind your head.
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
A sock sampler pattern that uses six basic stitch patterns to show off the yarn variegation to different effects! This is a top-down, heel flap sock.
Knitting: Cowl
HALF PRICE until end of day May 16 (Eastern)
Knitting: Ankle Sock
There are some days you need to ask yourself ‘is your cup half full or half empty’. It can be hard to decide which. These socks help to remind us to stop for a moment, and check. To try and change pessimism to optimism, to transform sadness to peace. To remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever and that we will fill the cup again.