Bohus Angora-Merino from AngoraGarnet
Bohus Angora-Merino
Lace ?
656 yards
(600 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
8.5 to 9.0 sts
= 1 inch
US 0 - 1½ or 2 - 2.5mm
2mm - 2.5mm
50% Angora
50% Wool - Merino

This yarn is available as part of the Bohus kits from Pernille Silfverberg of AngoraGarnet.

About Pernille Silfverberg:
I am very happy and proud to announce that I have been authorized to continue the work of creating Bohus Stickning yarn kits that Solveig Gustafsson began 15 years ago. During those 15 years, Solveig recreated more than 50 patterns and all the Bohus Stickning colors for these and, even using her dye formulas, it’s no small job I have in front of me! The right to the name Bohus Stickning continues to be owned jointly by Bohusläns Museum and Solveig Gustafsson.
The collection of recreated models from original Bohus Stickning garments is based on Solveig’s close study of original charts and careful examination of original pieces in museums and private collections. This painstaking was necessary to ensure that the resulting patterns and yarns would match the original Bohus Stickning designs as closely as possible.
After Solveig retired from her artisanal production of knitting kits in 2013, I have been entrusted to continue the work of producing Bohus Stickning kits. Hand knitting enthusiasts worldwide can thus continue to knit beautiful sweaters, hats, berets and wrist warmers based on original Bohus Stickning designs.
It is with great enthusiasm and humility I am undertaking the complex work of learning to hand dye the yarn into the many colors required for the designs. In order to ensure that everything is correct and as close to original garments as possible, I stay in frequent contact with Solveig.
The yarn I will be using in the kits is spun at the same family owned spinning mill in Denmark where Solveig had her yarns spun. The only difference is that the vast majority of angora wool now comes from my own rabbits, supplemented only when necessary with angora wool from other small producers in Bohuslän who treat their rabbits well and cut and sort the wool in the way we desire.

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