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Arctic Desire from Arctic Qiviut

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Arctic Desire
Arctic Qiviut
Lace ?
437 yards
(400 meters)
58 grams
(2.05 ounces)
50% Other Animal - Musk Ox / Qiviut
25% Goat - Cashmere goat
25% Camelid - Alpaca

Arctic Desire yarn is made with the delicate qiviut from the saddle area of the muskox for its softness, warmth, lightweight and durability. This blend is 50% Qiviut, 25% Cashmere and 25% Alpaca. White cashmere is added for its softness, natural crimp, insulating properties and for its lofty lightweight.

Cashmere and qiviut gives Arctic Desire yarn the ability to adjust to any climate. North American Alpaca is blended in to add more strength, luster, softness, silky durability and feathery lightness. Alpaca makes this blend extremely warm, hypoallergenic and insulating, but still retains its soft drape and smooth texture. When weavers, knitters and crochet artists work with this qiviut blend, they will truly know why we named it Arctic Desire.