2-Ply from Bartlettyarns


from Bartlettyarns
Aran (8 wpi) ?
210 yards
(192 meters)
113 grams
(3.99 ounces)
18.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 7 - 9 or 4.5 - 5.5mm
100% Wool
plied, woolen spun
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash
Color: Heathered, Solid color
Drafting method: Woolen spun
Dye: Undyed
Put up: Winding required
Milled: United States

Sitting along the banks of Higgins Stream in Harmony, ME is a vintage mill building that holds the last remaining working spinning mule in the United States. Started in 1821, Bartlettyarns was founded by Ozias Bartlett and continues with the Rice family. The yarn is still mule spun.

At Bartlettyarns, our “full measure” skeins consist of a full 4 ounces per skein, four skeins per pound. Bartlettyarns are spun on the woolen system for a traditional homespun appearance, softer twist and more bloom than worsted yarns.

Two ply is offered in the following colorway ranges: Fisherman, Rangeley, Shetland, Glen Tweeds, Solids.

Fisherman: Our specialty since the 1800s. Spun with natural lanolin oils to make sweaters, mittens and hats softer and weather resistant.

Colors include: Natural, Light Sheep Gray, Medium Sheep Gray, Dark Sheep Gray, Dark Heather, Light Heather, Oatmeal, Oxford, Spice Heather, Dark Red Heather, Charcoal, Bark, Cornflower, Blue Heather, Denim, Midnight, Lilac Heather, Plum Heather, Dark Jade Heather, Coral Heather, Garnet Heather, Burgundy Heather, Rust Heather, Gold Heather, Green Heather, Medium Green Heather, Spruce Heather, Jade Heather, Aqua Heather.

Rangeley: Colors inspired by the lakes, forests and mountains of Maine. Mountain colors are spun with natural dark wool blends.

Colors include: Teddy Bear Brown, Peach, Mountain Berry, Lake Blue, Rangeley Rose, Blackberry, Mountain Blue, Mountain Green, Mountain Laurel, Light Laurel.

Shetlands: Marvelous combinations of natural and dyed wool colors. Today’s fashion shades with subtle highlights.

Colors include: Wild Grape, Terracotta, Peacock, Thistle, Lupine, Larkspur, Blue Loch.

Glen Tweeds: Warm tones and textures of authentic Scottish checks and tweeds. Root colors are shared with fisherman yarns for combining within the same garment.

Colors include: Bluebell, Dark Lovat, Scotia, Raspberry, Granite, Lovat, Bronze, Willow, Bracken.

Solids: Soft yarns which are spun first with selected domestic wools and then skein-dyed in fashion colors. Cranberry, Black and Hunter Safety Orange are Bartlettyarn mainstays, and from time to time we add other selected solid colors. Please check our website as these are only sold through Bartlettyarns.

Colors include: Cranberry, Black and Orange.

popular colorways

2 Natural

28 stashed

29 projects

74 Bark

35 stashed

51 projects

115 Natural

88 stashed

128 projects

203 Oxford

26 stashed

27 projects

228 Garnet Heather

36 stashed

34 projects

230 Mountain Berry

37 stashed

44 projects

234 Blue Loch

33 stashed

34 projects

267 Green Heather

48 stashed

38 projects

275 Oatmeal

61 stashed

87 projects

473 Blackberry

48 stashed

52 projects

565 Peacock

43 stashed

32 projects

649 Black

36 stashed

29 projects

701 Blue Heather

30 stashed

19 projects

864 Cornflower

48 stashed

36 projects

874 Charcoal

41 stashed

64 projects

886 Wild Grape

30 stashed

20 projects

Aqua Heather

32 stashed

21 projects


25 stashed

32 projects


21 stashed

33 projects

Coral Heather

22 stashed

32 projects


32 stashed

180 projects

Dark Heather

42 stashed

54 projects

Dark Jade Heather

28 stashed

37 projects

Light Heather

25 stashed

26 projects

Light Sheep Gray

33 stashed

118 projects

Light Sheeps Gray

20 stashed

34 projects

Medium Sheep Gray

18 stashed

40 projects

Midnight Blue

31 stashed

30 projects

Mountain Green

33 stashed

37 projects

Natural Ecru

42 stashed

46 projects


24 stashed

30 projects

Spruce Heather

59 stashed

173 projects