Quarry from Brooklyn Tweed


from Brooklyn Tweed
Bulky (7 wpi) ?
200 yards
(183 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
3.0 to 3.5 sts
= 1 inch
US 10 - 11 or 6 - 8mm
6.5mm (K) - 9mm (M/N)
100% Wool - Targhee-Columbia
Woolen-Spun 3-Ply Mock Twist
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash, Hand Wash Cold
Color: Heathered
Construction: Unspun
Drafting method: Woolen spun
Dye: Fleece dyed
Ply: 3-ply
Put up: Winding required
Source of fiber: United States, 23-24 micron Targhee-Columbia wool from Wyoming
Scoured: United States, Bollman Industries, San Angelo, TX
Dyed: United States, Bollman Hat Company, Adamstown, PA
Milled: United States, Harrisville Designs, Harrisville, NH

Inspired by unspun roving-style yarns, Quarry begins with three strands of lofty, carded wool – rather than spinning them into individual plies, we nestle them together and gently twist the whole trio. The result is a plump, pillowy yarn with a soft, rustic hand that looks like a single ply, but with greater tensile strength and stitch definition.

Knitting with Quarry is a singular experience – since its three plies are entirely unspun, there’s nothing to counter the energy of the twist that binds them, giving the yarn a lively spring on your needles.

Quarry loves to cable and beautifully renders all kinds of textural stitch work, ideal for warm, lightweight sweaters, coats, blankets, and cozy accessories.

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100% developed, sourced, processed, dyed and spun in the USA.


  • 200 yards (182 meters) | 100 grams | chunky weight
  • 3-strand woolen-spun mock twist construction
  • 23-24 micron Targhee-Columbia wool from Wyoming
  • Wool scoured at Bollman Industries, San Angelo, TX
  • Stock dyed at Bollman Hat Company, Adamstown, PA
  • Spun & finished at Harrisville Designs, Harrisville, NH


We source Targhee-Columbia wool from Wyoming to make Shelter, Loft, and Quarry – this breed’s lofty, warmth-trapping fleeces deftly combine the softness and elasticity of finewool Targhee with the robust substance and warmth of mediumwool Columbia. This fiber’s versatile mingling of wearability and durability particularly shines in woolen-spun yarns and is wonderful for next-to-skin wear, outerwear, and heirloom pieces for the home.

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As a result of its plush woolen-spun construction, Quarry works well at a wonderful range of gauges and can be used interchangeably with Arbor Lodge:

  • 3 - 3½ stitches to 1”
  • Suggested Needle: 6 - 8 mm (US 10 - 11)
  • Suggested Hook: 6.5 - 9 mm (US K-10½ - M-13)


To create each colorway of Quarry, we combine richly dyed hues of unspun wool in precise proportions, as if mixing paint. Quarry’s “mock twist” construction creates subtle streaks of color rather than the tweedy flecks of its siblings Shelter and Loft. The effect reminds us of the striations in sedimentary rocks, inspiring our earthy, natural palette and giving Quarry its name.


Quarry is a handcrafted product. For best results, we recommend alternating skeins when joining in a new skein for even color distribution.

Since Quarry’s three strands are unspun, you’ll find that Quarry may twist between the ball and your needles as you work. Simply run your fingers gently along the working yarn toward the ball if the twizzles begin to interfere with your knitting.

Quarry ends left to dangle will unravel, so weave them in as you go or use a Felted Join when adding in new yarn.

When you need a little more tensile strength, whether for seaming or because you’re about to put a group of stitches under pressure with a big cabling maneuver, simply twirl your working yarn a few revolutions in the direction of the ply twist to strengthen it.

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