Caravan from Crave Yarn
Crave Yarn
Sport (12 wpi) ?
354 yards
(324 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
28.0 sts
= 4 inches
70% Wool - Merino
10% Silk - Bombyx / Cultivated / Mulberry
10% Camelid - Camel
10% Goat - Cashmere goat
  • Color:
  • Semi-solid
  • Dye:
  • Hand dyed
  • Put up:
  • Winding required

Sport (4ply) ⎜354 yards ⎜100g

70/10/10/10: SW Fine Merino, Camel, Cashmere, & Mulberry Silk

NEW! I am immensely excited to welcome CARAVAN to the family.

Caravan is the yarn base that allows you to unapologetically have your cake and eat it too…
From its conception I asked for a lot from Caravan: 1) I wanted it to be made exclusively with fine natural fibers, 2) I wanted it to sing luxury from the first touch and continue to delight with every delicious stitch, and 3) I wanted it to be a yarn without borders, ideal for any project, even the hardest wearing projects (sweaters and socks). The combination of fine merino, cashmere, camel, and mulberry silk provides the hand I dreamed of. The unique mill construction provides the strength. As a sport weight yarn that leans toward light sport, it also offers welcome versatility, being a perfectly good choice for both sport weight and fingering weight projects. Ultimately, Caravan is a yarn that boasts the ability to be sweet and strong without compromise.

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