Alpaca Lace from Dicentra Designs
Alpaca Lace
Dicentra Designs
Lace ?
500 yards
(457 meters)
57 grams
(2.01 ounces)
US 00 - 4 or 1.75 - 3.5mm
100% Camelid - Alpaca
Plied, moderate twist

100% superfine alpaca

Description from Crown Mountain Farms: “Lisa Milliman of Dicentra Designs offers the finest hand dyed Alpaca Lace Yarn on the market right now. Check it out for yourself. Perfect for a scarf, shawl or stole. Available in 6 colorways. Each 4 oz skein has approx. 1000 yards - 30wpi. Also available in 2 ounce skeins of 500 yards.”