Pakucho Organic Cotton Lace 10/2 from Ecobutterfly Organics

Pakucho Organic Cotton Lace 10/2

from Ecobutterfly Organics
Thread, size ?
500 yards
(457 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
100% Cotton - Naturally Colored Cotton

Note: The Pakucho Lace can vary in weight, 50g or higher, depending on the depth of the color, but each ball will always have 500 yds.

Color Grown, Fair Trade Cotton Yarn & Vegan!

Pakucho Organic Cotton is GOTS certified at the source. Naturtex is a Fair Trade certified company and that means living wages for the artisans that make their yarns. We offer their organic cotton yarn because we actually care about the environment and everyone in the yarn chain from the native plantation farmers to both the conscious knit shop & crafter.

Pakucho Organic Cotton is never mercerized. Mercerization is a highly chemical process that takes the soft, natural beauty away from cotton fiber. Pakucho is soft & beautiful as is.

Available for purchase both in pull skeins and on economical cones.

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