Lopi from Greenbow Farm Yarn


from Greenbow Farm Yarn
Super Bulky (5-6 wpi) ?
150 yards
(137 meters)
226 grams
(7.97 ounces)
2.5 to 3.0 sts
= 1 inch
US 10 - 13 or 6 - 9mm
100% Wool

Lopi yarn is the traditional yarn of Icelandic sheep wool. This is due to the tog and thel of the fiber. The tog being the long, soft outer fiber and the the thel the shorter, even softer inner fiber that helps them stay warm in the dead of winter. Icelandic fiber is some of the warmest fiber around. All of the fiber in the yarn is from our flock of Icelandic sheep who are sheared twice a year. The fiber is washed and sent to a mill here in the U.S. to be sent back as yarn which proudly makes it a 100% U.S. product. All natural colors.