n-78b cotton linen paper moire kasuri from Habu Textiles
n-78b cotton linen paper moire kasuri
Habu Textiles
Cobweb ?
155 yards
(142 meters)
14 grams
(0.49 ounces)
US 2 - 5 or 2.75 - 3.75mm
60% Cotton
40% Cellulose - Linen / Flax

Similar to A-62 paper moire, but this one is all natural & hand-dyed in kasuri. The core is not nylon, but cotton. It is slightly heavier than A-62, however feels lighter when knitted. It seems to have a gentler touch. Please try this yarn by itself or combine it with another yarn such as A-4, A-5, A-1, etc. A ball will make a loooong narrow scarf. A few will make a shawl!