Love Story Artisanal from Hélène Magnusson
Love Story Artisanal
Hélène Magnusson
Lace ?
175 yards
(160 meters)
25 grams
(0.88 ounces)
US 8/0 - 6 or 0.5 - 4mm
100% Wool

Love Story Artisanal is a rare Icelandic lace created by Hélène Magnússon. It is a very fine 1 ply yarn made of soft Icelandic lambswool carefully selected by Hélène from Icelandic farmers. Love Story knits beautifully into very delicate and ethereal lace shawls and reminds of the Old handspun yarns that Icelandic lace is known for.

Available in natural sheep colors: brown, black and white, and a few plant dyed colors.

Icelandic wool being composed of two very different types of hair, the long and coarse tog and the fine and short þel, it is a challenge to spin it into such a fine yarn. Because there is no mill in Iceland capable of producing a yarn of this quality, the wool is sent to a mini-mill in Belgium where it is spun. It thus qualifies as a handmade yarn, is slightly irregular and the quantity are limited.

For sale on The Icelandic Knitter website and in very few selected yarn shops around the world.