Westminster from Kettle Yarn Co.


from Kettle Yarn Co.
Lace ?
583 yards
(533 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 0 - 8 or 2 - 5mm
50% Camelid - Camel
50% Silk

50% Baby Camel
50% Silk

now with even more yardage!

Colourways in this yarn are carefully hand painted to get the most out of this stunningly luminous yarn!

Opulently fit for a royal baby, this is an all out pamper-yourself luxury blend. The luscious heavy drape of silk with the rich, warm halo of camel - the best of both worlds – creates a meltingly soft handle unlike any other.

One of the most luxurious blends on the market, camel/silk also takes colour like no other yarn. Dye gains a glowing richness that just takes your breath away. With a generous 437 yds per skein, there is enough in one skein for a precious shawl or smaller accessory.

Despite its delicate appearance and feel, this yarn is amazing with abrasion - the swatch shown above in a different colourwary shows the yarn AFTER extensive wear testing and shaving! The fibres stay wound with no matting or other damage apparent - the sign of a real heirloom quality yarn.

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