Beautiful Bamboo - Singles from Kitty Grrlz Handspun Yarns
Beautiful Bamboo - Singles
Kitty Grrlz Handspun Yarns
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100% Manufactured Fibers - Rayon from Bamboo
soft and silky bamboo fiber

Single ply bamboo yarns - hand spun from hand dyed bamboo fiber. These singles will vary in weight and yardage. Range in price from $28-30 depending on yardage. (2 and 3 oz skeins are also sometimes spun and those are less)

Available at Kitty Grrlz on Etsy

If a color you like is no longer available, please contact me as I can spin more!


popular colorways

Ice Princess

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3 projects

Plum Paradise

7 stashed

5 projects


4 stashed

3 projects

Stormy Night

5 stashed

2 projects