480/240(2) Organic Phluffiee (SoftSock) from Lollipop Cabin

480/240(2) Organic Phluffiee (SoftSock)

from Lollipop Cabin
Sport (12 wpi) ?
480 yards
(439 meters)

Only available once a year, this yarn from Canadian sheep and is spun by Briggs and Little mill, it is their soft spun custom spun as a single then hand-dyed by Lollipop Cabin, one skein at a time in a wee little cabin with rain water from the Pacific Northwest Cascades, using environmentally friendly dyes suitable for a grey water system.

You will find bits of hay or other plants in pure wool yarn, it reflects the mill’s concern for the environment. Although the wool undergoes the traditional sorting, spinning and cleaning - To remove all traces of vegetable matter (VM) that gets caught in the sheep’s wool as it roams the countryside requires immersion of the raw wool in a very strong solution of acid, this yarn does not undergo the “carbonizing” process, or strong acid bath. Therefore, you may notice the occasional fragment of straw or other foreign pieces, easily removed by hand or it may fall out when the garment is washed.

All waste water from the the mill is treated before returning back to the land. The water is also cooled to surrounding conditions and the mill is partially powered by water.