Wild Silk 2 from Texere Yarns

Wild Silk 2

from Texere Yarns
Light Fingering ?
547 yards
(500 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
100% Silk
plied strands
  • Pure Tussah Silk
  • 100% Wild Silk bleached to a honey colour. Wash gently by hand in warm water with soap or detergent - can be dry cleaned. Don’t wring out or agitate too much and dry flat.
  • 11.3/2nm - 500m per cone - Knit as approx 3ply.
  • Suitable for home dyeing as the yarn is bleached, the result will be subtle heathery shades.
  • Weave in the warp or weft, knit by hand or machine or use for tassels, braids and embroidery.