Meadow from The Fibre Co.


from The Fibre Co.
Light Fingering ?
545 yards
(498 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
32.0 to 36.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 1 - 3 or 2.25 - 3.25mm
40% Wool - Merino
25% Camelid - Llama
20% Silk
15% Cellulose - Linen / Flax
Care: Hand Wash Cold
Color: Semi-solid
Drafting method: Worsted spun
Dye: Hand dyed
Put up: Winding required
Milled: Peru
Dyed: Peru

Purchase Meadow from our online shop or from your local stockist of The Fibre Co. Not sure what colourway to choose? Our shade cards make colour choice super simple!

Be they coastal, wooded or alpine, meadows are important ecosystems housing local fauna and serving as a fertile growing ground for flora of many varieties. Usually filled with grasses and other non-woody plants, the theme of lightness is everywhere in a meadow. What better name for a lace weight yarn?

Meadow is the perfect lace weight yarn, spun with The Fibre Co.’s trademark blend of luxury fibres with a touch of rustic. Combining four of the most luxurious fibres—baby llama, fine merino wool, silk and linen—this 2 ply yarn is slightly heavier than a typical lace weight yarn.

It is a versatile yarn that works well on a variety of needle sizes and in a wide array of projects. The crisp hand and stitch definition of linen with the sheen of silk is perfectly complemented by the softness of baby llama and fine merino.

This is a yarn for fibre lovers who like a treat on the needles and for their favourite handmades.

Because most shades are hand-dyed, we recommend alternating hanks as you work to give an overall blended appearance.

popular colorways

126 Red Clover

29 stashed

26 projects

428 Black Adder

20 stashed

25 projects

836 Gentian Violet

24 stashed

20 projects

960 Fennel

238 stashed

242 projects


108 stashed

131 projects


197 stashed

251 projects


94 stashed

102 projects


86 stashed

112 projects


157 stashed

179 projects

Black Adder

207 stashed

238 projects


11 stashed

19 projects


148 stashed

142 projects


14 stashed

14 projects

Cherry Blossom

21 stashed

34 projects


201 stashed

283 projects


79 stashed

89 projects

Genetian Violet

51 stashed

62 projects

Gentian Violet

133 stashed

131 projects


89 stashed

94 projects


25 stashed

33 projects


183 stashed

219 projects


296 stashed

285 projects


111 stashed

140 projects


77 stashed

104 projects


169 stashed

217 projects


190 stashed

202 projects


179 stashed

225 projects

Purple Trillium

44 stashed

37 projects

Queen Anne S Lace

178 stashed

254 projects

Queen Anne S Lace

46 stashed

71 projects

Red Clover

66 stashed

76 projects


113 stashed

96 projects