Cottage Spun Sport from Weston Hill Farm

Cottage Spun Sport

from Weston Hill Farm
Sport (12 wpi) ?
250 yards
(229 meters)
22.0 to 26.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 3 - 5 or 3.25 - 3.75mm
3.25mm (D) - 3.75mm (F)
100% Wool

Approx. 250 yards; skein weight will vary by sheep breed but most range from 80-100 grams.

About Our Yarns:
Our Sheep are sheared in the spring. This is the time when we can enjoy the fruits of our labor ! We take great care all year to keep our fleeces as clean as possible and when the lustrous fleeces are collected we know all the time it took, was well worth the effort ! The fleeces are then skirted, and “picked” or cleaned of all remaining vegetable matter. The fleeces are then washed and blended and sent to a small owner operated mill. Because the fleeces are kept so clean, the mill does not need to use the harsh scouring agents used in large commercial operations. The mill we use takes great pride in their work as well, and produces a yarn that is as close to quality hand spun as one can get.

Weston Hill Farm Yarns are unique in that they are a blend of fleeces of our long wool sheep with an occasional addition from a local friend’s flock. All blending and dyeing are a result of Eileen’s creativity with an end result uniquely our own. We sell out quickly as our products are grown not ordered.For more about us and our Yarns

Weston Hill Farm’s Inspired by Nature Series Yarns and Rovings are available either dyed or natural, feel free to contact us for more more information.