Ala Szyntor

Ala Szyntor

If someone had told me a few years ago that I would knit a sweater myself, I would have laughed out loud! Today I learn the others how to knit their first sweater!

My name is Ala Szyntor and I created this place for YOU!

This is the space for the knitting lovers. You will find here modern knitting patterns.

The patterns are at different degrees of difficulty - from the beginners to the experienced knitters.

The patterns are step-by-step instructions. Each of them is explained in details with text, photos and videos.

I also write a blog which reached over hundred thousand views in Google last month and create simple and short tutorials on my YT channel!

Find me in the social media and learn knitting with @konturek!

Happy knitting! Ala Szyntor :)

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