Elizabeth Margaret

Elizabeth Margaret

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 4 years old and I fell completely in love with creating something from what felt like nothing, string! Years later at 18 I taught myself to knit and soon after began creating garments for myself.

As a full time yoga teacher, I have made time for knitting throughout my life but it wasn’t until I began sheltering in place in 2020 that I found time to begin creating my own patterns and designs.

I remain in Bushwick, Brooklyn with my rescue Frenchie and many houseplants where I am creating designs that I hope inspire you to make something you love for yourself. I believe knitting is a great act of love, and that it’s powerful to make something for yourself.

As a designer I aim to create garments that you can easily customize to make something that fills you with pride and love for yourself.

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Bridget Dress
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