Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun by Sarah Schira

Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun

October 2019
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
any gauge, see below
11 - 41 yards (10 - 37 m)
3 gnomes, see below
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Fast, fun, adorable!

My challenge - to make the tiny gnomes people have been asking for while still keeping the process simple. Little things can be fiddly, after all.

And so Gnoah, Gnaomi, and Gnibblet were born. The simplest gnomes I’ve designed. They still have the essential gnomish features while having streamlined construction. They’re knit top-down with the body and hat knit as one piece - no picking up stitches. The noses are knit as part of the beards for Gnoah and Gnaomi. Gnibblet is so wee that duplicate stitch and a French knot are used - video tutorial included.

Instructions are included to make Gnaomi an ornament rather than being able to stand on her own. Gnibblet is written to hang - specifically hang as earrings because while knitting Gnaomi I was seized by an urge to have gnome earrings. (Aren’t we all?)

Skills Used
•knit and purl
•working in the round on DPNs
•k2tog, ssk

Check out the Gnome Schooling tutorials for help with all your gnoming needs!

Video Tutorials
2-colour I-cord (arms)
Attaching gnome arms
Dealing with Ends in Toys
Gnibblet duplicate stitch, French knot, and dealing with ends

yarn needle, removable stitch marker, approx. 1/8 C poly pellets/aquarium gravel/dried beans, fist-sized amount of roving/polyfill stuffing

Gnoah (Cylinder-Shaped) Worsted: Height 5” / 12.5 cm
Gnoah (Cylinder-Shaped) Fingering: Height 3” / 7.5 cm

Gnaomi (Ball-Shaped) Worsted: 4.25” / 11 cm (hat unbent)
Gnaomi (Ball-Shaped) Fingering: 3”/ 7.5 cm (hat unbent)

Gnibblet (Tiniest Gnome) Worsted: Height 2.5” / 6 cm
Gnibblet (Tiniest Gnome) Fingering: Height 1.5” / 4 cm

Worsted Yardage (with a buffer)
Gnoah and Gnaomi:
Colour 1 (Hat): 16 yd. / 15 m; 8 g
Colour 2 (Body): 18 yd. / 17 m; 9 g
Colour 3 (beard/nose/hands): 7 yd. / 6 m; 3 g

Colour 1 (Hat): 5 yd. / 4 m; 2 g
Colour 2 (Body): 5 yd. / 4 m; 2 g
Colour 3 (beard/nose/hands): 1 yd. / 1 m; 1 g

Fingering Weight Yardage (with a buffer)
Gnoah and Gnomi
Colour 1 (Hat): 17 yd. / 15 m; 4 g
Colour 2 (Body): 17 yd. / 15 m; 4 g
Colour 3 (beard/nose/hands): 8 yd. / 7 m; 2 g

Colour 1 (Hat): 3 yd. / 2.5 m; 2 g
Colour 2 (Body): 3 yd. / 2.5 m; 2 g
Colour 3 (beard/nose/hands): 1 yd. / 1 m; 1 g

I’ve given gauge in the pattern, but realistically I know swatching doesn’t happen for toys. I recommend going down needle sizes from your typical sweater needle for that weight yarn. You are looking to make a fabric that is snug enough that the stuffing can’t show through.

Pattern has been tech edited and test knit.