Sarah Dawn

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Boot Cuffs / Toppers
These boot toppers can be mostly attributed to curiosity. Before I got into knitting as an adult, I’d never even heard of such a thing! But, thanks to the amazing pattern database that is Ravelry, I quickly found out that boot toppers are “a thing”, and a thing I wanted to try out in a Canadian Winter!
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
The Ar Lan y Môr (Welsh for ‘by the seaside’) Socks were inspired by the ripples of seaweed and other water plants that grow just below the waterline of many lakes, rivers and seas around the world, as well as the imagery of the Welsh folk song of the same name – flowers and grasses rippling beside the sea.
Crochet: Scarf
Where did this scarf and hood start? I wanted a hood and scarf that even a newcomer to crochet could make and was inspired by this beautiful but, simple, crochet lace stitch pattern. By adding some seaming to make a hood, a beautiful, unique accessory is created that even a beginner can make!
Knitting: Drawstring Bag
The Ribbed Bag of Many Things came about as something I made up for my roommate to put her headphones and mp3 player in, but it could be used to hold just about anything!. It’s a bag knit in the round using 1 by 1 ribbing, then seamed at the bottom with whip stitch, or mattress stitch if you prefer. Eyelets at the top allow for a twisted cord o...