Christy Aylesworth

Christy Aylesworth

I have a fabulous part time job in administration at a K-8th school district, and I’m going to school to get my degree to teach high school English and Drama. If I can stomach the schooling, I’ll continue with music theory so I can teach Choir, but family plans come first! I also moonlight at a fantastic LYS a few days a month, as a shop girl and a teacher…just enough to keep me in yarn!

I’m all about re-defining the image that everyone in my life seems to have about knitters. You know the drill, old, frumpy, repressed. How about hip, happening, saucy, twenty-something, liberated knittrrrs?!?

Other than that, I’m recently married and totally loving every minute! I’m very much a Christian, and am very involved in my awesome church and youth group. No kids of my own yet (we’re waiting until I get my BA), love to read, and I’m a musician. I have dabbled in tons of different crafts over the years, but knitting is one of the few that really stuck. I’m really passionate about volunteer work, and have walked for AIDS, cancer, and am a big advocate for social awareness. I’m really into God, my family, school, the arts, and generally doing good. Yeah, I guess I’m a bit of a punk-rock Pollyanna.

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