Elizabeth Ravenwood
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Love Robin Hobb books? Here you will find designs inspired by them.

Burrich: Master of the Horses, Hounds, and Hawks Hat, Socks, and Mitts
Kettricken: Queen’s Guard Socks, Queen’s Guard Fingerless Gloves, and Mountain Portrait
Nighteyes: Victorian Porcupine Scarf
Lady Grace, Duchess of Rippon Duchy: Lady Grace Fingerless Gloves
Althea and Wintrow Vestrit: Coins and Queues Hat, Mitts, and Socks
Liveships: Liveship Pillow and Baby Blanket
Kettle: Kestrel and Gull
Aslevjal and the Narcheska: Let It Snow
Tradeford and Withywoods: Formal Gardens
Rain Wild Traders: (Reyn’s) First Gift
Integrity and Prosper: Prince of the Sea Hat, Scarf, and Fingerless Mitts.
Lady Bee. Lady Bee Shawl

Coming in 2017:

Verity, Salt, Wisdom, and The Rain Wild Chronicles: What Color is Your Dragon?
The Princely Collection: FitzChivalry, Regal, Rurisk, Verity

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Cheer on your favorite athlete with these patterns that will look great in your team’s colors.