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I am super happy and excited to announce that I’ve finally finished my second knitting pattern book, ”Sleepy Eyes Knits: Wonderlace”! This collection, in 10” x 8” hardcover, includes 13 new and original lace designs. The designs are varied in shape, type, texture and difficulty - there is something for everyone, even a beginner lace knitter.

You can PREORDER my book (with FREE PDF download) HERE until September 20, 2013. After that, you can purchase the book singly, with pdf or the pdf itself through Etsy or the pdf only here on Ravelry.


My very first knitting pattern book, “Sleepy Eyes Knits: Dreamscape”, is a collection of 13 of my favorite designs - 7 past and 6 new. The book itself is available for purchase on my Etsy shop and the pdf E-book is available here on Ravelry and also on my website.

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I also have a lovely sock pattern with Black Pearl YarnsHaiku Flower Socks, two patterns with Yarn BotanikaRadiance Lace Headband (Jacqueline and Amanda) and the Lovely Waters Tablerunner…and two Ivy Brambles patterns - Spring Savasana Socks and The Twisty River Vest… plus lots of other free patterns to check out here on Ravelry. Please check out my other Sleepy Eyes Knits patterns, The Lisha Lace Scarf, Bobbi’s Birthday Scarf, Ericka Scarf and Mari Lace Cowl (in the NEW Lace One Skein Wonders book by Judith Durant…in stores September 2013).

My favorite and most popular pattern so far has been the Amanda Hat pattern. Try it out! Would love to hear from you!

I’m an obsessive knitter, archer, avid reader, Reiki Master and yoga & Hoopnotica hoopdance instructor. I love journaling, hooping, bicycling and reading tarot cards as well. I also have a knitting podcast called, Sleepy Eyes Knits. You can download it off my blog or iTunes.

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Happy Knitting!

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