Stephanie Engle

My mother taught me to knit as small child and I retained enough knowledge to be able to pick it up when needed to make a gift or something to wear. I reacquainted myself with the craft after I gave birth to my first child in 1992 and have been blissfully pursuing all things knitterly ever since.

I still have much to learn myself but enjoy passing along what I have learned to customers and students at my favorite LYS, Knitting Bee. Having a yarn shop open up less than 2 miles from my home was both a blessing and a curse.

original designs  

from Knitting Bee Top 10 Gifts to KAL 2013
from The Knitting Bee (Portland, OR)
no photo
from Twists and Turns, Spring 2008
from Twists and Turns, Winter 2002
from St Patrick's Day Afghan