Susan Ashcroft

Freebie patterns for Malabrigo yarns

patterns that work well with malabrigo yarns (take a look in the projects - all have been knitted up with malabrigo)

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The discount applies to all individual patterns listed in this bundle (they have a price showing below the photo - with the exception of Prospect Park which,
as indicated, is sold in the Malabrigo Ravelry store.)
If there is no price under the photo it means the pattern is only available as part of an ebook.
Ebooks are not discounted, but do represent a considerable savings already (often less than the price of 2 patterns).

Some patterns are available both individually and as part of an ebook - you can choose which way you prefer to buy them.

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Patterns that work well with Noro yarns

7 items

Cushions and other items for the home

I have included a number of cowl patterns that have been used to make cushions or baskets - check the pattern pages to see examples.

38 items
10 items

Mitts - mostly fingerless

All the Christmas collections in one place.

3 items

Versatile shape - super easy to make

24 items

Some are rectangles, some have slanted ends.

6 items

These start with just a few stitches and work out to the widest point.

no need to swatch
deeper than a boomerang
(but they need more yarn and knitting)

29 items
5 items

No Cast-on
No Bind-off

Techically you do cast on, but only a very small number of stitches (usually 3-5) but you end with just 1 and there is no sewing involved.

8 items
9 items

Long shallow shawls: more like a scarf than a traditional shawl; makes limited yardage go further.. ☺

55 items

Usually worked bottom up

71 items

Most are knitted from the bottom up

16 items

Worked on the bias.

Most start with a provisional cast on and are then joined when the desired length is reached.

11 items

quick and easy bandanas

12 items

Mostly hats

Worked with only yarn per row. The colour effects are created by slipping stitches.

6 items

Colourwork using techniques other than mosaic knitting

12 items

Various types of cables

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38 items

Patterns that work well with handspun yarn.

3 items

Cowls worked as a long strip and joined.

7 items
6 items
3 items

Various patterns featuring hearts