Susan Ashcroft
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Usually worked bottom up

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Freebie patterns for Malabrigo yarns

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Most are knitted from the bottom up

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Some are rectangles, some have slanted ends.

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patterns that work well with malabrigo yarns

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Worked on the bias.

Most start with a provisional cast on and are then joined when the desired length is reached.

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Cushions and other items for the home

I have included a number of cowl patterns that have been used to make cushions or baskets - check the pattern pages to see examples.

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Worked with only yarn per row. The colour effects are created by slipping stitches.

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Colourwork using techniques other than mosaic knitting

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Various types of cables

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Patterns you might like to discover.

If you do knit one out of this bundle, it’d be great if you could let me know.

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Long shallow shawls: more like a scarf than a traditional shawl; makes limited yardage go further.. ☺

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Patterns that work well with handspun yarn.

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No Cast-on
No Bind-off

Techically you do cast on, but only a very small number of stitches (usually 3-5) but you end with just 1 and there is no sewing involved.

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Various patterns featuring hearts

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Cowls worked as a long strip and joined.

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Mitts - mostly fingerless