Wendy Lewis

I’m an Associate Professional member of the CGOA and a zealot for promoting crochet to its rightful high place in the fiber arts world.

When I discovered crochet by teaching myself from a book (thanks to the late great Jean Leinhauser who said in her books that I could do it because she did too), I fell in love for life!

There are so many creative possibilities with crochet, and I love to share those possibilities with others. Lace is my particular passion~there is just nothing like an intricate crocheted lace piece in an exquisite yarn.

My constant goal and the ultimate compliment I can ever hear on any of my designs are the two words, That’s crochet?!

original designs  

from Interweave Crochet, Winter 2016
from Interweave Crochet, Winter 2016
from Crochetscene 2014
from Wendy Lewis Designs
from Red Heart North America
from Crochet! Magazine, Summer 2013
from Crochet 1-2-3 Magazine, Issue #5
from Crochet! Magazine Presents, April 201...
from Crochet! Magazine Presents, Spring 20...
from Crochet! Magazine, Winter 2012
from Crochet! Magazine, Autumn 2012
from Crochet World Magazine, June 2012
from Wendy Lewis Designs
from Wendy Lewis Designs